Imagine moving data from your Caspio cloud database to another app, and vice versa, in a zap. No more wasting time and effort in manually migrating them, or performing tasks separately on different business applications, or writing code to use API.

That’s what Zapier does – moving information between and among web apps automatically, so you could put your head down to more important work. Using Zapier with Caspio is an efficient way of performing tasks between online applications, such as adding subscribers to your email marketing service like MailChimp, sending SMS alerts via Twilio, adding your database records to Google Calendar events, and over 750 apps of all kinds.

Caspio – Zapier Integration

Caspio can work as a source of triggers (“when this happens”) and as a destination for actions (“do this”) in Zapier. Together, they make a convenient and easy-to-use zap combo. Unlike other cause and effect automation tools, it is possible to do a multi-step action with Zapier, boosting your productivity especially when paired with other apps that are compatible with Zapier and Caspio.

Learn more about our Zapier Integration here.

How does it work?

First, you need to have an account on both Caspio and Zapier. Note that your Caspio account should have API capability.

Then, you can create your zaps, depending on your needs. Your zaps can fire automatically once the triggers come in. The beauty of this application integration is that you can maximize the functions of the other apps you are using and use them with your Caspio account easily.

Want to learn more about how Caspio and Zapier can help with your application integration? Watch the video here. Better yet, get started with Caspio and sign up with Zapier.

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