Last week we launched Caspio Ideabox. This site is a feedback management tool entirely devoted to your enhancement ideas for Caspio.

One of the great features of this site is that you can vote on ideas that are already submitted. Your votes and comments help us understand the popularity of any particular idea, so we can prioritize them better and allocate development resources accordingly.

Caspio product roadmap consists of two categories of enhancements. One category is completely driven by customer feedback and the other by our anticipation of future needs and trends.

We try to make releases every two to three months and we have been able to maintain this rigorous schedule for the past two years. However, the upcoming release is different. It’s much bigger than any of the recent releases and it could not be broken into smaller units. As a result, this major release is going to take us longer than usual. The good news is that it has a lot to be excited about.

We don’t typically talk about future releases, but, I can tell you that the main theme of it is “apps”. You see, currently Caspio puts the focus on DataPages which are individual interfaces of an app. With the next release you will be able to create a cohesive “app” and use app management capabilities that are either impossible today or difficult to do.

There are also many smaller hot features. You just have to wait for now but it will be worth it.

For today, please head over to and submit your ideas for future releases. Visit the site often and vote on ideas that are getting posted. We would love to know what’s in your mind.

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