Ready-made CRMs that come with the standard features can be expensive and overrated. While they may be able to offer some solution for your business, sometimes what your company needs is a simplified or a commercial SaaS solution, created uniquely to fit your needs – and that is a custom CRM system.

According to Gartner, the CRM market is projected to bypass $36 billion by the end of 2017 (making it the largest enterprise software market), but paradoxically, the actual install base across the globe is only at 1%. This begs the question: How can such a large market be so under-penetrated?

Many software vendors such as Salesforce, SAP and Oracle offer enterprise CRM systems, but there are two major problems with their out-of-the-box solutions: difficulty in implementation and inflated costs.

Instead of pouring tons of money into a complicated and cumbersome CRM software package, why not create a light-weight and effective customized CRM at a fraction of the cost? It may sound like a daunting task, but Caspio’s point-and-click platform allows you to build a CRM system from scratch in less time than it would take to customize a big vendor’s CRM.

Below are four major reasons that have motivated many Caspio customers to build their own CRM.

1. Your Exact Needs, No More, No Less

Pre-built CRM solutions are created to appeal to most businesses. They are packed with all sorts of functions and features that may not be relevant to your organization. And these extra features come at an expense in the form of complexity – and complexity is costly in both money and time. Imagine you are tasked with purchasing a CRM system for your sales department’s lead generation and contact management activities, but come back with clunky, bloated software that includes everything from corporate social media integration to complex marketing automation functionality. What’s worse, you have to properly configure and deploy the whole software package, even if the features you desire are only a fraction of the system. Ultimately, it takes more time for people to learn how the system functions and the distractions can cut into your sales team’s productivity.

With a custom-built solution, you get exactly what you want without any of the unnecessary bells and whistles. Training your team members takes less time because the CRM is designed based on the workflow that they are already familiar with.

2. Better Integration with Your Business Operation

By using a Platform-as-a-Service instead of shrink-wrapped CRM software, you have an opportunity to automate many other areas of your business. From sales to customer service, to technical support, your daily operations can run more efficiently when the system is integrated across multiple departments.

For example, a leading wireless company in Canada chose Caspio specifically to fulfill its CRM requirements. The company’s sales team built their initial CRM application to handle all service relocation requests from millions of customers nationwide. After seeing the power and cost-effectiveness of Caspio, they are now exploring more opportunities to extend the system into marketing and support departments. The real beauty of the Caspio platform is its ability to expand as new needs are recognized, without having to completely dismantle existing workflows.

In addition, Caspio’s easy-to-use app builder is complemented with a powerful API that can be used to integrate the platform with other solutions and in-house software.

3. Escape the Draconian Pricing

Most CRM solutions are priced per user, an enterprise-era concept that many SaaS companies still cling to today. This model doesn’t match the reality, where most organizations have varying usage needs across different groups. While sales people need daily access to a CRM, other departments may only need to log in occasionally. Per-user pricing either causes you to limit the use of your data by restricting access — which affects overall efficiency and productivity — or forces you to pay an unreasonable price for those additional users.

With Caspio, you don’t have to worry about this. Our pricing model is usage-based instead of per-user, giving you complete control over how many employees to include at no extra cost. Additionally, the incremental cost of adding new solutions on top of existing applications is also very low.

4. CRM-Centric Apps for Different Departments

A CRM is an incredibly valuable asset that usually sits at the core of many procedures throughout an organization. With Caspio, all departments are empowered to create apps based on the same database with ease. Examples include a ticketing system for the support department, a survey tool for customer service or an event management app for the marketing team.

Caspio-powered CRM systems have worked wonders for large enterprises and SMBs alike. So before you start your next CRM endeavor, consider creating your own customized application. And remember that you don’t have to build the entire system yourself – we have a team of professionals who can quickly build and deliver your CRM based on your exact requirements, on time and on budget.

Start with a no-obligation project consultation or sign up for a 14-day trial account to try it yourself.

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