Have you ever tried driving at night with busted headlights?

It’s not only difficult, but also dangerous.

In the same way, running a business without clear visibility into crucial company metrics is risky. In fact, an overwhelming 84 percent of business executives surveyed by the Harvard Business Review agree that making decisions based on real-time data is increasingly important.

That’s why you need business dashboards.

Watch our ultimate video guide to learn how you can build a business dashboard without coding.

Dashboard Examples You Can Build Right Now

While most businesses can’t live without dashboards, some balk at the idea of investing in these solutions. Why? Well, in the traditional setting, business dashboards require intricate coding to build and perform successfully. But today, that’s no longer the case.

Here are 20 dashboard examples you can build without writing a single line of code:

Business Intelligence Dashboards

  1. Executive Dashboard – Give your CEO and other executives a quick look at business performance metrics across all departments and projects.
  2. Investor Dashboard – Financial companies and entrepreneurs use this dashboard to analyze investments, startups and acquisitions all in real-time.

Sales Dashboards

  1. Sales Analysis Dashboard – Use this analytics dashboard to know which of your products and sales teams perform well for a specific period.
VISIBILITY: Running a business with a dashboard is like navigating the roads at night with the help of bright and fully functional headlights.
  1. Retail Distribution Dashboard – Identify opportunities to increase profit through improvements in your distribution process.
  2. E-Commerce Dashboard – Gain insight to live sales data, along with demographics and other statistical details.

Marketing Dashboards

  1. Campaign Optimization Dashboard – View your most successful marketing campaigns and optimize digital marketing efforts across different platforms.
  2. SEM and PPC Dashboard – Boost sales generated from ads by helping your search engine marketing (SEM) executives and pay-per-click (PPC) managers better analyze cost per click and other key metrics.
  3. Lead Generation Dashboard – Get a quick overview of your online channels and conversion rates.
  4. Web Analytics Dashboard – Understand website performance to further optimize traffic and brand awareness.
  5. Customer Experience Dashboard – Present metrics such as client satisfaction and likelihood of renewal or extension.

Financial Dashboards

  1. Profit and Loss (P&L) Dashboard – Enable your general manager or auditor to calculate revenues, costs and expenses for the quarter or fiscal year.
  2. Profit Margin Analysis Dashboard – Help the CFO determine the profitability of the business at a glance.
  3. Retail Banking Dashboard – Retail banks, like many other businesses, look for ways to increase their revenue. Help your business measure different sources of relative income to see which services have bigger growth potential.
  4. Investment Portfolio Dashboard – Analyze stock trends and take action on the fly. This dashboard keeps investment managers up-to-date with portfolio performance and allocations.
BEST-SELLER: Interactive dashboards help sales leaders analyze team and product performance at a glance.

HR and Admin Dashboards

  1. Human Resources Dashboard – HR directors and managers use this dashboard to track employee productivity, improve the recruitment process, and reinforce workplace management, as well as monitor and boost overall employee performance.
  2. Time-to-Hire Dashboard – Spot bottlenecks and opportunities in the hiring process, allowing HR to improve efficiency, as well as avoid lost revenue and additional costs due to recruitment.
  3. Salary Competitiveness Dashboard – Discover how competitive your company is when it comes to compensation by comparing your offers with offers by competitors. Understand how salary competitiveness attracts potential employees and how it affects your hiring process.
  4. Employee Turnover Dashboard – Analyze relevant metrics such as employee attrition and turnover rates to determine opportunities for improvement.

Customer Service Dashboards

  1. Helpdesk Dashboard –Get real-time statistics on support requests, tickets and tasks.
  2. Call Center Dashboard – Monitor the response time, abandonment rate, first call resolutions and other KPIs of call center agents to provide better service to customers.

Build Your Dashboard with Caspio Today

If you’re an IT professional who needs extra time to attend to more pressing matters, or a simple business owner who has no experience in traditional software development, you can create a web dashboard without coding by utilizing Caspio’s user-friendly interface and application builder.

Barnes & Noble College, one of the country’s leading college campus stores and website operators, built several dashboards using Caspio to help them work efficiently in the field and provide real-time updates for management. All this they did without any prior knowledge of HTML or JavaScript.

“Caspio allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things,” says Troy Wesselus, the company’s operational controller. “It has been transformational for our organization.”

Want to know how it works?

Watch our Ultimate Video Guide: Create a Web Dashboard Without Coding to learn how you can build business dashboards without writing a single line of code.

how to create a dashboard step-by-step guide how to create a dashboard step-by-step guide