Add QR Codes to Your Web Apps | Caspio HowTo Quick Response (QR) codes have given businesses an efficient way to deliver specific information to users directly on their mobile device.

Your Caspio apps can be configured to generate QR codes for a variety of purposes. We’ve listed some ideas below, along with step-by-step instructions to help you get started.

1. Scan to lookup or edit information

The QR code can send your users to a specific URL. Your QR code can include query string parameters such as a record ID or other information that brings up a specific record from your database. Examples include:

Lookup information

  • A printed real estate flyer has a QR code that turns into a URL with the property ID. Users can scan the code to see a mobile-friendly version of the listing, plus any videos or voice narrative that markets the property.
  • At a job fair, people can scan the code associated with each opening to see more details about the position, plus a web form to apply.

Edit information

  • At a warehouse, the QR code for each SKU opens the URL of an authenticated update form using the record ID of the SKU. Mobile users scan the code to bring up the SKU and edit the record.

Virtually any database lookup using predefined criteria can be configured with URL parameters, so that your app will generate the search results or populate a web form.

2. Scan to add event to calendar

If you have an app that lists or promotes events, QR codes can be used to transfer the event date and details directly into the phone’s calendar.

3. Scan to add contact to address book

For apps that list people, such as membership databases and networking apps, QR codes can transfer contact cards (vCards) into the phone’s address book.

4. Scan to dial a phone number

In printed material, you can display phone numbers as QR codes for automatic scan-to-dial functionality. This could be useful in printouts of lists and directories.

Read the step-by-step instructions to learn how your app can generate QR codes for the use cases discussed here.

Do you have thoughts on other ways to incorporate QR codes? Leave a comment below to share your ideas.