How to Add Collapsible Sections to Web Forms

Web forms that have too many fields often look long and cluttered. One simple solution is to group the fields into categories and then make each category collapsible. This way, users initially see a [...]

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Quick Ways to Customize the Look of Your Caspio Apps

Change Your Style with One Click
If you haven’t visited the Styles section of Caspio Bridge recently, take a look at the new professionally designed styles that have been uploaded to your account.  You [...]

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How to Track User IP Addresses and Site URLs in Web Forms

Tracking where your data and users are coming from has many benefits and can be easily implemented using the AutoValues feature in Caspio Bridge 6.5.
Why Track User IP Addresses?
New in version 6.5, capturing [...]

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Checklist for Creating Web Forms with Caspio (Part2)

5.) Tracking

Adding a timestamp to the form will allow you to track when each record is submitted. Caspio also makes it possible to capture the user’s IP address if you are looking to record [...]

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Checklist for Creating Web Forms with Caspio (Part1)

1.) Planning

Before you begin designing your web form, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. First, think about the purpose of the form. Why do you need it? How will you use [...]

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Cloud Projected to Grow 26% within 5 years

According to a recent article by Computer Business Review (CBR), the International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts a 26% growth in cloud computing services over the next five years. The report also mentions that the [...]