How to Add a Timeout Script to Web Forms

Time limits are surprisingly effective at motivating users to complete a web form. Adding a timeout script increases the sense of urgency and commitment to finish your form within the allowed time. A time limit […]
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Limit the Number of Maximum Submissions

Occasionally you may need to limit the maximum number of submissions in your web apps. Events, inventory management, promotions, and other apps with fixed resources often need to regulate availability. Using Caspio’s online database, [...]

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How to Add Default Text to Form Input Fields

Would you like to include default text on your web forms to instruct users? It’s pretty commonplace to see auto-clearing gray default text (sometimes called ghost text) on form input fields to help users [...]

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How to Add a Custom Redirect on Form Submit

This week’s Tech Tip shows you how to add intelligent routing to your web forms by implementing a custom redirect on form submit, based on the user’s input. A dynamic form destination personalizes the user experience and can be [...]

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Top 5 Tips for Web 2.0 Form Design

This week’s Tech Tip is an assortment of quick tips to give your forms a modern “web 2.0” facelift. If you are familiar with the latest web design trends, you probably already know that [...]

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Optimize Your Web Form Design for Maximum Usability

The importance of best practices in web form design is becoming increasingly essential.  Research has shown that when certain elements are incorporated in your form optimization, users are more likely to enter the correct [...]

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Integrate Google Analytics with Your Web Forms

Tracking information about your website’s traffic is an extremely important activity for any business with an online presence. For many people, the best way to do that is with Google Analytics.  Since it is [...]

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