Dynamic Forms and Databases for Amazon S3 and Static Websites

Besides cloud storage, one of the features of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is highly reliable and inexpensive hosting services for static websites. While Amazon S3 is a fast and efficient way to [...]

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Caspio Web Applications Outperform PaaS Competitors

Study after study shows that fast performing websites are good for business. Users don’t have the patience to wait. Attention spans are short and users simply move on. Google also has little tolerance for slow […]

Embrace BYOA with Caspio and Delight Your IT Department

There’s a new trend on the rise at companies around the world — Bring Your Own Application, or BYOA.

Will 2013 be the Year of PaaS?

Over the past several weeks, a lot of research and news has come out to suggest that 2013 will be a breakthrough year for platform-as-a-service and cloud apps in all their permutations. A recent [...]

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Free App: Store Locator

Caspio has released our latest free app, an easy-to-use Store Locator. This ready-made app offers a comprehensive set of web tools allowing you to roll out your own advanced “location finder” on your website, [...]

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    Startup Distributor Targets Global Film and Music Markets with Custom Product Catalog

Startup Distributor Targets Global Film and Music Markets with Custom Product Catalog

With 15 years’ sales experience in the film and music distribution industry, Chris Callahan had observed that a high number of independent film and record labels lacked any international distribution despite an apparent market. [...]

One Application Template, Five Different Solutions

Caspio’s app builder allows you to adapt an application template to your particular business process or industry without too much heavy lifting.
Take, for example, the task management application template. It offers the basic [...]