5 Reasons Developers Love Working with Caspio

The advent of rapid application development and cloud-based technology has made the lives of application developers a lot easier. Cloud platforms have liberated developers from infrastructure configuration, environment testing and maintenance so they can [...]

The Beginners’ Guide to Creating a Caspio Web Application

If you are new to the Caspio platform and databases in general, you might find creating your first web application a bit intimidating. To give you a jumpstart, we’ve crafted a list of steps [...]

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Is Custom Application Development Dead?

Custom-developed applications have been conventionally associated with high costs, slow time-to-market, and ROI challenges that don’t hold up to “shrink-wrapped” packaged solutions. So, is custom application development really dead?
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A Web-Based Alternative to FileMaker

Typically perceived as the “Microsoft Access for the Mac”, FileMaker has found itself a place on many Mac desktops for simple data management tasks. However, just like Microsoft Access, FileMaker has failed to [...]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Custom-Build Your CRM System

According to a recent article by ReadWrite, the CRM market share is projected to increase to $37 billion by 2017 (making it the largest enterprise software market), but paradoxically, the actual install base across [...]

Moving Microsoft Access Applications to the Cloud

Microsoft Access was a leader in the desktop database space before the Internet became omnipresent. The software was fairly easy to use and had enough features and capabilities to build small-scale desktop applications.

However, as [...]

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Efficient and Effective Application Development

A recent article by McKinsey & Company discusses a more effective way to measure the success of application development in large organizations. The article suggests that instead of the traditional method of measuring developer [...]

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