Publish Now: Poverty in American Schools

We have released a new ready-to-publish data set based on data collected by the U.S. Department of Education. Each year, the National School Lunch Program provides free or reduced-price meals to children of low-income [...]

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Publish Now: FBI Hate Crime Statistics

We have published a new ready-to-publish data set of hate crime statistics for the whole of 2011. The data was collected form the federal Hate Crime Statistics Program, monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. [...]

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Free App: Store Locator

Caspio has released our latest free app, an easy-to-use Store Locator. This ready-made app offers a comprehensive set of web tools allowing you to roll out your own advanced “location finder” on your website, [...]

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Free App: Knowledge Base

The latest app in our gallery is the Knowledge Base. It helps you keep your organization’s important information in one centralized place.
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Free App: Feedback System for Your Websites and Blogs

We have just released a feedback system that can be loaded into any Caspio customer account for free. Visit the App Gallery to learn more and request it for your account.

Learning what your customers think [...]

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