7 Reasons Why Every Newsroom Needs Data Journalism

Once reserved for few data crunchers, the practice of data journalism has become an essential skill for reporters across print, web and TV news outlets. Now more than ever, newsrooms are embracing data as [...]

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Publish Now: Crime Rates for Largest U.S. Cities

We have released a ready-to-publish data set with the latest crime data for the largest U.S. cities. The data was retrieved from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program and we prepared an interactive [...]

Publish Now: New Crime and Salary Data Sets

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of five new ready-to-publish public data sets. These searchable databases are a great way for the media and bloggers to engage their audience by sharing local [...]

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4 Ways to Achieve Open Government with Cloud Applications

The Open Government initiative was signed in 2009 with the aim to improve government transparency. One critical aspect of it is the concept of “open data”, which urges agencies to make data and information about government […]
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Publish Now: Census Demographics for Gender, Age and Race

We have released a ready-to-publish database of population statistics for all U.S. cities and towns. This data includes gender, age and race demographics from the United States Census Bureau so users can easily see which areas [...]

Publish Now: National FBI Crime Statistics

We have just made available a ready-to-publish database of crime statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the whole of 2011. Every year, local law enforcement agencies submit to the FBI tallies of [...]

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