Announcing Caspio Bridge 8.3

Another Caspio Bridge release is out and we are excited to share with you all the new capabilities available in this release. Note that some features are not available in older grandfathered plans. Details [...]

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The Transformative Power of Caspio in the Enterprise

CIOs are the new revenue generators in the modern enterprise. As more corporations explore and accelerate the use of technology in operations, marketing and sales, the role of the CIO is broadening from a traditional [...]

Turn Data Silos into Business Productivity

Companies often see data silos sprouting up across various departments … a sales prospecting list here, an inventory database there, and spreadsheets upon spreadsheets everywhere. When a project involves several databases — as it [...]

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Best Blogs from 2013: Cloud and PaaS Trends

2013 certainly was an interesting year in cloud computing. The maturation of cloud technology combined with ever-changing business dynamics prompted more companies to explore ways to reimagine and expand their business through the cloud.

Dedicated [...]

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Transform Shadow IT into Innovation Using Caspio

A new survey by Stratecast found that more than 80% of employees admit to using SaaS applications not authorized for work purposes by their IT department. The number one reason? Employees just need to [...]

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The Business Productivity Tool Every CIO Must Consider

Productivity is crucial to the health and success of any organization, which is why smart executives relentlessly strive to improve processes and the productivity of their employees.
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Is Custom Application Development Dead?

Custom-developed applications have been conventionally associated with high costs, slow time-to-market, and ROI challenges that don’t hold up to “shrink-wrapped” packaged solutions. So, is custom application development really dead?
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