Create Mobile Web Apps with Caspio’s New Mobile Kit

We have just released a new-and-improved Mobile Kit to help you roll out great-looking mobile web apps.
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    WIVB Launches Restaurant Inspections Database Powered by Caspio

WIVB Launches Restaurant Inspections Database Powered by Caspio

WIVB News4, the local news leader in Buffalo, New York, is bringing health code offenders into the public eye for the first time with the help of Caspio.
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Trends Affecting Enterprise IT in 2013 – Part I

Caspio CEO Frank Zamani and I were discussing what we considered to be the biggest trends around PaaS and online databases that would affect the market in the coming year.  So, we decided to [...]

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Free App: Store Locator

Caspio has released our latest free app, an easy-to-use Store Locator. This ready-made app offers a comprehensive set of web tools allowing you to roll out your own advanced “location finder” on your website, [...]

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Supporting “BYOD” Initiatives with Caspio

Terms like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the Consumerization of IT are hot topics right now. The explosion in mobile device usage is having major effects in how IT departments both manage and [...]

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The Case for Web Versus Native Mobile Apps

I came across an interesting post from Chris Heilmann over on the Mozilla blog that destroys some myths about HTML5. Most of the anti-HTML5 talk I have heard has come from those debating whether [...]

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Can Cloud Apps Give Candidates an Election Edge?

A recent CNet article about how social media is becoming mainstream in presidential elections got me thinking. While large scale elections like those for our president involve millions of dollars of campaign contributions – [...]

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