Caspio Map Mashup Helps Commuters Avoid Traffic Slowdowns

As the newspaper for Monroe County, Pennsylvania, the Pocono Record (part of the Dow Jones Local Media Group) is committed to delivering up-to-date community news. Much of the population commutes to New York City [...]

Announcing the New and Improved Map Mashup – Version 7

We have just released Caspio Map Mashup version 7. The new mashup is a step-by-step wizard that generates ready-to-deploy code. Many of the frequently requested features are included and can make your maps a lot […]
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    Intern Creates ‘Best of California’ Award-Winning Cloud Apps

Intern Creates ‘Best of California’ Award-Winning Cloud Apps

Today, the City of Thousand Oaks won the 2012 “Best of California” Award for their cloud database applications created by a volunteer intern.

University of Southern California graduate student intern Justin Baker developed California’s first [...]

Section 508-Compliant Web Applications

Why was “Section 508 compliance” built into the recent Caspio Bridge 6.6 update? Imagine surfing the web with your eyes closed. All of a sudden, those little things you take for granted — like [...]

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Texas Tribune Builds Data Library Apps Using Caspio

The recent launch of Texas Tribune’s Data Library is a great example of how media and government clients are utilizing Caspio Bridge to publish databases and share engaging web applications that increase website traffic [...]

Case Study: Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council successfully uses Caspio Bridge to quickly launch an extensive online application for managing grant funding.

New Customer: United States Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service is onboard with Obama’s cloud computing initiative, recently signing an enterprise agreement with Caspio. USPS manages 34,000 retail locations and delivers to every address in the nation – but unlike [...]