Minimizing Technology Conflicts between CEOs and CIOs

Technology is transforming virtually every sector of business, regardless of company size, industry or geography. As CEOs begin to realize the strategic impact that IT has on the entire business, their expectations from CIOs [...]

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Turn AWS into a Cloud Playground for Business Users

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is unarguably the biggest player in the cloud computing arena today. Ever since AWS debuted in 2006 with its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings EC2 (for virtual machine management) and S3 (for [...]

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The Business Productivity Tool Every CIO Must Consider

Productivity is crucial to the health and success of any organization, which is why smart executives relentlessly strive to improve processes and the productivity of their employees.
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    Achieve Self-Service Business Intelligence with a DIY Cloud Platform

Achieve Self-Service Business Intelligence with a DIY Cloud Platform

As data gets bigger and smart businesses look for new ways to exploit it, the demand for sophisticated database tools is rapidly increasing.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a category of software that helps users extract [...]

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Embrace BYOA with Caspio and Delight Your IT Department

There’s a new trend on the rise at companies around the world — Bring Your Own Application, or BYOA.

Halifax Media Group Goes Hyper-Local with Caspio

Today we announced that Halifax Media Group has decided to standardize on Caspio for its online database and community-focused, data-driven apps for its 33 news media properties across the southeastern United States. We are [...]

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