Go Cloud, Go Green

The surge of cloud computing is propelling the rapid growth of data center utilization and public cloud platforms. With more and more data being migrated to cloud environments, companies are seeing significant energy savings in […]
  • Choosing the Right PaaS
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    Forrester: Choosing the Right PaaS Depends on Your Developer Skills

Forrester: Choosing the Right PaaS Depends on Your Developer Skills

Forrester estimates that the worldwide market for cloud computing will hit $241 billion in 2020. Among the slew of cloud platforms, the three most widely utilized types are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

Caspio Transparency in Uptime and Performance

Last month, I had the privilege of meeting some of Caspio’s extraordinary customers in the New York and New Jersey area. Aside from seeing all the awesome things they do with Caspio, we wanted to […]

Caspio Roadmap: Infrastructure Migration

You may already be aware that we are migrating our infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is an exciting development that makes our IT team very happy. It gives us a lot more [...]

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  • Government Cloud Apps - Best of California Winner
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    Intern Creates ‘Best of California’ Award-Winning Cloud Apps

Intern Creates ‘Best of California’ Award-Winning Cloud Apps

Today, the City of Thousand Oaks won the 2012 “Best of California” Award for their cloud database applications created by a volunteer intern.

University of Southern California graduate student intern Justin Baker developed California’s first [...]

Solar Enthusiasts Harness the Power of Cloud Apps

Solar industry consultant Hadley Price began utilizing cloud computing over ten years ago when he used Caspio for all his web application projects. Confident he could deliver industry solutions on a small budget, Price set […]

Lean Business Through a Custom Apps Platform

If your company is not competing worldwide, you are working for a company that is increasingly an exception to the rule. Businesses today find themselves competing directly or indirectly with companies thousands of miles [...]