Predicting Cloud Computing in 2015

As more enterprises restructure their IT models to adapt to the latest cloud computing technologies — and given the number of new cloud vendors entering the market every year — it’s important to take a [...]

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    Best Blogs from 2014: Improve Business Productivity with Cloud

Best Blogs from 2014: Improve Business Productivity with Cloud

2014 was certainly a transformative year for the cloud computing industry. Adoption of cloud related services has become almost ubiquitous among enterprises. And more importantly, the mindset on cloud computing from C-suite has shifted [...]

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Gartner: Traditional IT Models will be Obsolete by 2017

In the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 published this month by Gartner, one concept that made the list for the first time is “web-scale IT”. According to Gartner, web-scale IT will be [...]

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Is Cloud Computing the Cure for the Healthcare Industry?

Conventionally a risk-averse industry, healthcare has been understandably cautious adopting emerging technologies due to the sensitive nature of personal health data. Strict industry regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) [...]

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Caspio Helps IT Transform App Development at iTech 2014

iTech, the leading IT infrastructure and cloud services conference in Canada, kicked off its 12th annual event last week with two conferences in Ottawa and Toronto. Each year, the conference attracts industry thought leaders [...]

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2014 Cloud Computing Predictions

Over the past year, we’ve seen enterprises and SMBs alike implement cloud solutions in their daily operations. It’s safe to say that cloud computing has persisted through the hype and woven its way into [...]

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Best Blogs from 2013: Cloud and PaaS Trends

2013 certainly was an interesting year in cloud computing. The maturation of cloud technology combined with ever-changing business dynamics prompted more companies to explore ways to reimagine and expand their business through the cloud.

Dedicated [...]

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