Don’t Migrate Apps To the Cloud – Build Apps in the Cloud

In a ZDNet post this week by James Staten of Forrester Research, he cites points from a report by himself and analyst Jeffrey Hammond titled “Don’t Migrate Your Apps to the Cloud.” In essence, [...]

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Can Cloud Apps Give Candidates an Election Edge?

A recent CNet article about how social media is becoming mainstream in presidential elections got me thinking. While large scale elections like those for our president involve millions of dollars of campaign contributions – [...]

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Superstorm Sandy Proves the Value of Cloud Apps

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Americans have done an amazing job, as usual, stepping up to help with relief efforts. Organizations like the American Red Cross have done their usual fine job of [...]

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Caspio on the Move

We are excited to share that Caspio moved to a new office location last week. Our new offices are in Santa Clara, California, and are much bigger to accommodate our growth. There was no impact to […]
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Announcing Caspio Ideabox for Your Feature Requests

Last week we launched This site is a feedback management tool entirely devoted to your enhancement ideas for Caspio Bridge.

One of the great features of this site is that you can vote on [...]

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