Good help isn’t hard to find—at least not if you are a Caspio customer. How-To Documentation, Video Tutorials, Community Forum, and Free Customer Training are all just a click away on the Support section of our website. But with so many resources to choose from, what’s the best way to get started?

Like many people, I prefer hands-on instruction. A good instructor can lay a proper foundation to build future skills and offer personal insights based on in-depth experience.

As a new Caspio employee, I turned to customer training instructor, Ed Garcia, to help me build my first app. Ed teaches two web-based training classes; the first covers DataPages and deployment, and the second is more in-depth and covers password protection and advanced features.

Caspio Training Instructor, Ed Garcia

During the introductory session, Ed demonstrated key Caspio basics like how to import data, design tables, create search and submission forms, how to deploy, and account management. He took time to answer questions and help with individual situations. The next day, I sat in as Ed went over the more advanced topics of authentication, creating update forms, user identification, passing parameters, virtual fields, and add-ons.

After class, I caught up with Ed and asked what he sees as the biggest benefit of the live training sessions. Without hesitation he said, “Customers get the chance to ask questions and that is the best way to learn.”

The web-based training is especially helpful when tackling the more technical features in order to save valuable time and reduce mistakes.

Long-time customer Kadhir Samuelraj, managing director of Feedback911, attends the advanced session frequently to keep expanding his skills as his application requirements change. “I have attended several sessions, and they are always the best training and support I have encountered. I keep attending since I have little programming background and the sessions help me get to the next stage of my applications.”

Caspio’s instructor-led training is a free service available to new and existing customers with paid accounts. Sign up today by following the appropriate link below:

  • Introductory Training – Tuesdays at 10:00am Pacific (1:00pm Eastern)
  • Advanced Training – Wednesdays at 10:00am Pacific (1:00pm Eastern)
  • Private web-based and onsite training are also available by request.

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