Microsoft Access was a leader in the desktop database space before the Internet became omnipresent. The software was fairly easy to use and had enough features and capabilities to build small-scale desktop applications.

However, as the web grew increasingly dominant and the use of web-based and mobile applications steadily rose, Microsoft Access didn’t keep up and has since fallen out of favor. And when Microsoft finally introduced support for cloud functionality in Access 2010 for the first time, they made it work only with SharePoint.

Today, few “modern” apps are being built on Microsoft Access, but there are still many legacy Access applications in desperate need of cloud-enablement.

If you are looking to migrate Microsoft Access to the cloud, the following presentation can help you understand what’s in store for you.

In this presentation you will find:

  • Why MS Access is an inadequate database solution
  • The advantages of cloud databases as an alternative
  • How Caspio fulfills the needs of Access users with a cloud database

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