The advent of rapid application development and cloud-based technology has made the lives of application developers a lot easier. Cloud platforms have liberated developers from infrastructure configuration, environment testing and maintenance so they can focus on perfecting their applications.

There are a number of cloud-based tools available to help developers expedite app development, but for those who want to quickly churn out apps, Caspio particularly stands out when it comes to database-driven applications.

Here are the top reasons why developers love working with Caspio:

1. Standards-Based Technologies

Caspio’s Platform-as-a-Service architecture adheres to established standards for superior compatibility, extendibility and reliability. Microsoft SQL Server is used as the backend database and the development framework utilizes Microsoft .Net. The entire platform is operated on Amazon Web Services across several global data centers (North America, Europe, Australia and South America).

Developers can easily extend Caspio applications using common scripting languages such as JavaScript and PHP, saving them from having to learn another new language. On-premise and dedicated environments are also available when required by corporate policies or regional regulations.

2. Fast Time-to-Market

Caspio is a proven solution that reduces application time-to-market by at least 10 times. The platform has extensive built-in features that enable users to build sophisticated database-driven applications with minimal coding. With some HTML and JavaScript, developers can further customize applications to their exact specifications in a matter of days. CSS can also be easily customized to achieve the desired user experience.

3. Open Web Services API

We provide a full-blown SOAP-based API that enables developers to integrate Caspio apps with third-party programs and cloud services. Using the API, you can program in any language to leverage Caspio as the back-end database and push or pull data as needed.

4. Location-Based Applications

Another in-demand feature among developers is the Caspio Map Mashup which integrates geographic data with Google maps. Once configured, users can pinpoint any location and the map will automatically zoom in at the exact location when viewing a specific record. Detailed instructions are available to guide you through the process.

5. Business Value through Innovation

Perhaps the biggest impact developers can make on an organization is the ability to deliver real value through innovation. Instead of spending energy figuring out how to manage yet another application in an already complex IT environment, developers can focus on delivering valuable solutions to their end users within a safe and well-managed PaaS framework. 

Caspio offers a developer certification program that provides qualified individuals benefits such as a free developer account, training, and access to Caspio engineers. Developers can usually get certified within a couple weeks. Find out more about the program or register a free trial to try the platform yourself.

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