Planetworks - Online Product CatalogWith 15 years’ sales experience in the film and music distribution industry, Chris Callahan had observed that a high number of independent film and record labels lacked any international distribution despite an apparent market. In 2012, he decided to seize the opportunity and start his own company to bridge this gap. Planetworks Enterprises, a global distributor of independent film and record labels, was born without any outside financing. In fact, one of Callahan’s first clients was his former employer.

Running the day-to-day sales and operation was not an issue for Callahan, but without any IT staff, he needed to find a way to put his product catalog and pricing online. His catalog was particularly complex because, due to licensing requirements, not every item is available in every market and pricing for the same item varies from one market to another.

“What we really needed was a database-driven catalog that could automatically publish the available products for each market,” said Callahan. After searching the web for few days and evaluating several options, he found Caspio. The online database and application-building capabilities particularly caught Callahan’s eye.

“Within 10 minutes of signing up, I had our product catalog uploaded into Caspio. I knew this was exactly what I was looking for, and the timing couldn’t have been better since we had just signed a big client,” Callahan said.

Using Caspio’s point-and-click wizards, Callahan created the entire customer-facing catalog and backend management application himself. “Caspio helps us do what we do best, and that’s sales and marketing. Our customers find what they want, when they want it, along with very specific data they need in order to make their buying decision.”

Planetworks - Online Product Catalog

Online product catalog allows Planetworks clients to easily navigate through the labels available for international distribution to their market.

“Caspio’s technical support was amazing. Whenever I ran into a question, they helped me understand it and continue improving my implementation. Caspio has earned the ‘Most Favorite Vendor’ award here at Planetworks,” Callahan adds.

The Caspio team congratulates Planetworks on the successful launch of their company and we wish them great success.

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