The Fastest Way to Publish Microsoft Access Online

Being a traditional desktop program, Microsoft Access has been mostly used for small-scale internal database projects. Its deployment limitations for the web have made the software nearly obsolete at modern businesses that require easy access [...]

How to Create One-to-Many Relationships in Caspio Apps

For many database applications, you’ll find yourself in need of one-to-many relationships. For example, when displaying a customer’s record in a CRM, you may want to show the customer’s activity logs below the main [...]

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Turn Data Silos into Business Productivity

Companies often see data silos sprouting up across various departments … a sales prospecting list here, an inventory database there, and spreadsheets upon spreadsheets everywhere. When a project involves several databases — as it [...]

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    Achieve Self-Service Business Intelligence with a DIY Cloud Platform

Achieve Self-Service Business Intelligence with a DIY Cloud Platform

As data gets bigger and smart businesses look for new ways to exploit it, the demand for sophisticated database tools is rapidly increasing.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a category of software that helps users extract [...]

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