Caspio Certified Developer NetworkEstablishing a developer certification program has been on Caspio’s list for a while and it is with great excitement that we are announcing it early in 2012.

The Caspio Developer Network is designed to offer credibility and exposure to all the developers and professionals who build Caspio-powered solutions.

Getting Certified

The process is free and straight-forward with two requirements to get certified.

The first is to attend our two web-based training sessions to ensure you are up-to-date with the basics of the platform. The second requirement is to submit a Caspio-powered app for evaluation. There are certain requirements for your application in terms of complexity and range of features, as outlined in the program guidelines.

Existing Caspio users may submit their current apps for review as long as the technical requirements are met.

A temporary developer account is available for those who want to go through the certification process.

Program Benefits

A nice bundle of benefits are available to certified developers including a free developer account for one year, access to beta releases, exclusive technical resources, etc. See the full list of benefits here.

For freelance developers, perhaps the most valuable benefit is the ability to see and bid on Caspio-specific projects posted by our current and prospective customers. These projects are exclusively available for Caspio certified developers.

Learn more about the program and how to get certified at

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