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Non-Profit Manages Japan Disaster Relief with Donor Database Powered by Caspio

The Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE) was started back in 1975 to increase the dialogue between the United States and Japan. The non-profit is based in Tokyo; with its U.S. affiliate JCIE/USA located in New York City. When the tragic earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit Japan’s coast in 2011, JCIE took an active role [...]

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Announcing Caspio Global Sites for Better Performance and Compliance

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Caspio Global Sites for new and existing users around the world. You can now choose to host your data and apps on data centers located in North America, Europe, Australia or South America. Caspio offers several regional data centers for hosting your data and cloud [...]

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Publish Now: Census Demographics for Gender, Age and Race

We have released a ready-to-publish database of population statistics for all U.S. cities and towns. This data includes gender, age and race demographics from the United States Census Bureau so users can easily see which areas have the most women, minorities, children or seniors. The database is searchable by state and ranks cities based on the highest [...]

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Caspio Bridge 8.0 is Almost Here! Join the Beta

Update on 10/31/13: The Caspio 8.0 Beta is now closed. Read the latest updates about the release. We have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on Caspio Bridge 8.0 - And you can be one of the first to test drive the new release in our exclusive beta program. Caspio Bridge 8.0 includes a [...]

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Publish Now: Presidential Campaign Contributions Database

Today we are releasing a ready-to-publish database of people who donated to the Obama and Romney presidential campaigns. The data is fresh and contains the contributor's name, city, ZIP code, and contribution amount. We packaged data from the Federal Election Commission as an easy-to-use interactive search application for individual states. Like all Caspio apps, the entire search form [...]

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5 Ways to Use Conditional Forms

Last week, we released Caspio Bridge 7.3 as a small feature release to offer conditional logic in web forms. A new "Rules" tab now appears in the DataPage wizard when you create or edit a form in Caspio. You can create multiple rules on each form, and each rule can contain multiple criteria that trigger [...]

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Caspio Map Mashup Helps Commuters Avoid Traffic Slowdowns

As the newspaper for Monroe County, Pennsylvania, the Pocono Record (part of the Dow Jones Local Media Group) is committed to delivering up-to-date community news. Much of the population commutes to New York City or New Jersey, so traffic information is a vital part of the paper's online edition. Residents use the Poconos Traffic Center [...]

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Spotlight Your App, Get a Free T-Shirt

Some of our most popular blogs showcase how customers have implemented Caspio to fit a particular need or bring a unique idea to market. We are always happy to hear how organizations of all sizes are using Caspio-powered solutions to transform their business, so we invite you to tell us your story. Spotlighting your app [...]

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One Application Template, Five Different Solutions

Caspio's app builder allows you to adapt an application template to your particular business process or industry without too much heavy lifting. Take, for example, the task management application template. It offers the basic foundation to track the status, priority, owner, and other data attributes of a typical task. Using the point-and-click wizards, [...]

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Solar Enthusiasts Harness the Power of Cloud Apps

Solar industry consultant Hadley Price began utilizing cloud computing over ten years ago when he used Caspio for all his web application projects. Confident he could deliver industry solutions on a small budget, Price set out to create a unique network for solar enthusiasts to find reputable solar installers and share their solar projects, energy [...]

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PBS Station Creates Auction App in One Hour with Caspio Platform

Every year, the New Orleans Public Broadcasting Station (PBS), WLAE, televises a fundraising event where donated private school tuitions are put up for auction. The public can place bids on tuitions for private elementary schools, high schools, and colleges to get quality education for their children while helping the station raise funds. This year, WLAE [...]

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Startup Feedback911 Brings a Unique Feedback Application to Restaurants

Have an idea for an app that's unique to the market? If so, this showcase is for you. Over dinner with some friends in the restaurant business, entrepreneur Kadhir Samuelraj was surprised to hear that so many restaurants lack tools to manage customer feedback and loyalty. As a long-time Caspio user, Samuelraj realized he could quickly [...]

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Comparing Cloud Database Services

Cloud database technology is in high demand. Why? It easily allows companies storage and access to data without requiring specific knowledge about the physical system that delivers the service. Data can be accessed from anywhere and the amount of storage can scale on demand. Cloud databases are attractive for small or large businesses because new [...]

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10 New Features for Richer Apps

You asked. We answered. Caspio Bridge 7.2 contains a lot of little improvements requested by you — our customers. These features are designed to improve the navigation and usability of your Caspio-powered applications so you can create richer, more user-friendly apps. Click image for an interactive demo of the navigation and usability features. New [...]

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Election-Day Apps Powered by Caspio

Today, November 8, 2011 is Election Day across the United States. Many of our media customers use Caspio-powered apps to inform their readers about candidates and ballot measures. The poll results are then published on Election Day for citizens to see up-to-the-minute results. Here are some of these apps: NJ.com, New Jersey ctpost.com, Connecticut LSJ.com, [...]

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New Add-On: High Usage FileStor

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Caspio's new service, High Usage FileStor. This add-on service is designed to provide additional flexibility for files in your apps.  When a file is uploaded to your designated database via a web form, the file is immediately transferred to our cloud file storage service. A new [...]

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4 Ways to Promote and Extend the Reach of Your Apps

You’ve created your app with Caspio and deployed it to your website, but have you considered how to get more out of your efforts? Here are some ways that you can extend the reach of your Caspio apps to gain more exposure and usage: 1. Distribute Your App as a Widget on Blogs and Other [...]

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The Clarion-Ledger Spices Up Flat Data with Visual Charts

When Earnest Hart, Assistant Managing Editor at The Clarion-Ledger, wanted to compare recent above-average temperatures to historic temperatures, he knew he needed a way to help his readers visualize the data. Comparing the two large, flat data sets side-by-side would be too confusing and difficult to sort through. With roots tracing back to 1837, The [...]

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Widgetize Your App for Fame and Fortune

Websites live or die based on traffic. Adding widgets to your database is a great way to generate additional traffic to your site. Imagine that you have built a nice, searchable database that allows users to find information  related to your business or industry. If the data is of general interest, don’t lock it up [...]

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