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ConstructionReports.com Builds a Solid Foundation with Caspio

If you are looking to automate a process, or create a new tool to manage data inside your existing organization - Caspio has proven itself a great platform for doing so. But, what about building an entire business on top of a set of Caspio apps? That's what ConstructionReports.com was able to do - in [...]

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Publish Now: Poverty in American Schools

We have released a new ready-to-publish data set based on data collected by the U.S. Department of Education. Each year, the National School Lunch Program provides free or reduced-price meals to children of low-income families. Student eligibility for the program is tracked by the department as an indicator of poverty. This searchable database ranks the [...]

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Form To Excel – Three Ways to Get Web Form Data into Excel

Storing web form submissions in Excel is easier than you may think. We won’t get into the question of why you may want to do it as there are better ways to use data, but rather here I will show you three ways in which you can get web form data into Excel. Web forms [...]

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Trends Affecting Enterprise IT in 2013 – Part I

Caspio CEO Frank Zamani and I were discussing what we considered to be the biggest trends around PaaS and online databases that would affect the market in the coming year.  So, we decided to write ours out as blog posts – this is installment one (Frank’s will appear on the blog soon as well). Enjoy [...]

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Best of the Blog: 2012

As we look forward to an amazing 2013 here at Caspio, I wanted to take a look back and re-visit some of the more popular posts and topics that were popular over the past year. The following posts saw constant traffic even months after their initial posting on the blog. I initially started looking at [...]

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Lowering Security Risks While Empowering Workers

I just read an interesting study released by Symantec focused on employee attitudes towards cloud apps and services vs. IT attitudes towards these topics. The results were not surprising. Essentially, employees want to harness the power of modern cloud apps and services - and care little about the overarching risks to the company in terms [...]

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Happy Holidays from Caspio!

Happy Holidays! 2012 has been an amazing year at Caspio. We saw continued growth across the board. And, our growth resulted in a move to some shiny new offices. And as we wind down 2012, we are excited about all the great things coming down the pipe from Caspio in 2013! Of course, none of [...]

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AdvanceKentucky Advances Education in its Region with the Help of Caspio

Caspio has long been a leading provider of online database and web apps solutions for educational institutions. The ease-of-use, sharable nature of the platform, and the affordability makes it a strong choice for educational organizations of all shapes and sizes. One organization that has taken advantage of all these benefits is AdvanceKentucky. AdvanceKentucky is a [...]

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CIOs: Strike a Balance Between Citizen Developers and Enterprise Architecture with Caspio

I just read an interesting article on Wired.com that pits CIOs against "Rogue Developers" (what I prefer to call Citizen Developers) and posits that answer lies in private cloud environments. The article does make a good point: in larger enterprises a balance must be struck. CIOs need to keep developers happy, and feeling empowered. But, [...]

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Will 2013 be the Year of PaaS?

Over the past several weeks, a lot of research and news has come out to suggest that 2013 will be a breakthrough year for platform-as-a-service and cloud apps in all their permutations. A recent analysis report signals a major shift towards PaaS starting in 2013. The shift will be signaled by the fact that more [...]

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CIOs: Tap the Power of Caspio on Your Own Terms

In today’s enterprise the responsibilities of the IT department are difficult and complex. SaaS and PaaS solutions offer an alternative for IT departments looking to lower complexity and costs. And, SaaS and PaaS tools are being championed by business users, since they typically require far less technical skill to deploy and customize. However, there are [...]

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Publish Now: FBI Hate Crime Statistics

We have published a new ready-to-publish data set of hate crime statistics for the whole of 2011. The data was collected form the federal Hate Crime Statistics Program, monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The program collected reports from 14,575 law enforcement agencies across the U.S. in 2011. More than 86% of participating agencies reported [...]

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Tech Tip: Generate Geolocation Coordinates from Submission Forms

Note: For these and other Tech Tips - visit our Caspio Online Help page. Every location has a latitude and longitude, also called geocode. If you have a database that contains addresses, having goecodes of the addresses gives you capabilities that are otherwise either not available or not optimized. We have just released a tutorial [...]

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Accelerate Your Custom App Development with a Caspio Jumpstart

Caspio is designed to be used by anyone - both technical and non-technical types alike. And while there is a "no coding necessary" approach to the platform, the process of getting started building complex apps can benefit greatly from some expert guidance from day one. That is why we have developed a new program to [...]

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Free App: Store Locator

Caspio has released our latest free app, an easy-to-use Store Locator. This ready-made app offers a comprehensive set of web tools allowing you to roll out your own advanced "location finder" on your website, mobile site or within your existing apps. It is a turnkey solution for stores, franchises, retailers - essentially any business with [...]

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Five Reasons Online News Publishers Should Use Caspio

Our announcement yesterday that Halifax Media has selected Caspio as its standard for cloud-based apps and databases got me thinking. I was curious to learn why Caspio was such a popular platform among online news publishers, and why we continue to have such impressive customer momentum in this industry. So, I talked to some of [...]

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Halifax Media Group Goes Hyper-Local with Caspio

Today we announced that Halifax Media Group has decided to standardize on Caspio for its online database and community-focused, data-driven apps for its 33 news media properties across the southeastern United States. We are thrilled about Halifax building out its existing Caspio environment to include all of its properties, as it is a testament to [...]

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Caspio and Amazon Affinities: Elasticity and Customer Centricity

While our VP of Engineering  and Operations Ioannis Kritikopoulos was attending the Amazon re: Invent conference in Las Vegas last week, I checked out some of the keynotes online. More and more, I realize that while Caspio may use Amazon Web Services as its cloud infrastructure provider, there are a lot more affinities between the [...]

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Building Apps with Caspio Vs. Force.com and Database.com

When it comes to building apps in the cloud, there are a few paths to take. Developers can utilize bare-bones platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings, and essentially hard code in the cloud much the same way they would on their own servers. The benefit here is that development and test environments are readily available and scalable, as [...]

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Supporting “BYOD” Initiatives with Caspio

Terms like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the Consumerization of IT are hot topics right now. The explosion in mobile device usage is having major effects in how IT departments both manage and design systems. Recent research has shown that more than half of U.S. employees access work information on smart phones that were [...]

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Publish Now: National FBI Crime Statistics

We have just made available a ready-to-publish database of crime statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the whole of 2011. Every year, local law enforcement agencies submit to the FBI tallies of all known crimes investigated in the previous year, classifying them into categories such as murder, assault, vehicle theft, etc. Users of [...]

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Every Application Can be a “Cloud App”

I was a bit perturbed reading a NetworkWorld article about what kinds of applications organizations should and should not be moving into the cloud. The article posits that some applications, due to complexity and/or multiple integration points, are better suited for premise-based deployments, or potentially in "private cloud" environments (which in reality is just your [...]

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Cloud Platform Spending Signals Major Shift in IT

Analysis firm Gartner predicts that platform-as-a-service (PaaS) spending will hit about $1.5 billion in the next year, according to a recent ZDNet article. The spending could hit as high as $2.9bn by 2016, according to recent Gartner research. While these numbers are still relatively small when compared to the mega-billions spent in IT - this [...]

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Caspio Plugin for Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit Now Available

Caspio has released an update to its plugin for Microsoft Office, now supporting Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit. This update came as a result from requests by Caspio customers inside our Ideabox community. (If you are a Caspio user and haven't joined the Ideabox site - we encourage you to do so. It is a great way [...]

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The Power of Simple, Predictable Scalability with Caspio

Over the weekend we had a spike in activity from one of our customer apps. This app was generating ten times the usual traffic, and we were curious as to what was causing the spike in form submissions on their site. Turns out, the account in question was WGRZ, an NBC affiliate in the Buffalo, [...]

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Mobile Platform Wars Further Prove the Case for Web Apps

More and more evidence is revealing that Apple is losing market share - fast. The company that pretty much invented the modern mobile app experience is losing ground, according to recent analyst results published in a recent Business Insider article. Apple is quickly losing ground to Android, as more and more popular smartphones and tablet [...]

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Publish Now: National Salary Data

We have released a ready-to-publish database of wage and employment data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This free data set is a state-by-state comparison of the salaries of more than 800 private and public sector occupations. Users are invited to see how different states rank in average pay for their specific job. This [...]

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Cloud Data Strategies – Think Big, Start Small, and Never Stop Improving

In an InfoWorld blog post today, David Linthicum outlined three steps to make towards a successful cloud database strategy. I think the advice is solid, and hints at the main gist of what I have been saying in recent blog posts around the transformative nature of the cloud for data and apps. The best part [...]

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Google’s Cloud SQL: Validation Without Innovation

Google announced this week an enhanced version of its Cloud SQL database service. The offering is pretty straightforward; it is a MySQL database available to users in the cloud. The enhancements are around scale and performance, which are of course good things in and of themselves. And, the low up front cost further validates the [...]

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Cloud Apps: The Intersection of Strategic and Tactical

After reading an interesting piece at business Insider on how Toyota is building for its future by leveraging cloud applications and services, I had a few thoughts. One, is that every company these days has to be at least thinking about how IT and technology in general can be used to gain a competitive edge. [...]

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The Case for Web Versus Native Mobile Apps

I came across an interesting post from Chris Heilmann over on the Mozilla blog that destroys some myths about HTML5. Most of the anti-HTML5 talk I have heard has come from those debating whether it is a viable platform for building mobile applications, given that hugely scaled out apps like Facebook have halted HTML5 versions. [...]

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Election Results Made Easy with Caspio

Regardless of your political affiliation, everyone can agree that this week's elections signified an impressive increase in awareness and involvement on the part of U.S. citizens. Voter turnout for the past several elections remains high - even with natural disasters like Sandy potentially barring some citizens' ability to cast their ballots. And while national media [...]

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Don’t Migrate Apps To the Cloud – Build Apps in the Cloud

In a ZDNet post this week by James Staten of Forrester Research, he cites points from a report by himself and analyst Jeffrey Hammond titled "Don't Migrate Your Apps to the Cloud." In essence, the article notes how the cloud requires a new attitude towards applications, not simply sliding old apps on top of cloud [...]

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Publish Now: Campaign Expenditures Database

We have released a new ready-to-publish database listing all campaign expenditures from the Obama and Romney presidential campaigns. Since presidential candidates must disclose how they spend every dime of campaign contributions - see what each camp spent on everything from big TV ad buys, to pizza parties f0r volunteers. The data was collected from the [...]

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Can Cloud Apps Give Candidates an Election Edge?

A recent CNet article about how social media is becoming mainstream in presidential elections got me thinking. While large scale elections like those for our president involve millions of dollars of campaign contributions - what about the local government candidates and incumbent? How can those with far less resources effectively reach out, raise funds, and [...]

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Superstorm Sandy Proves the Value of Cloud Apps

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Americans have done an amazing job, as usual, stepping up to help with relief efforts. Organizations like the American Red Cross have done their usual fine job of immediately ramping up to help those affected. Local media have not only covered the storm, but are also chronicling relief efforts, [...]

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Tablet Explosion is Evolving How We Access and Consume Apps: Caspio Can Help

I read this morning that Samsung has sold more than three million units of its Galaxy Note II mini tablet in its first month on the market. Impressive. And, I am hearing of long lines in major cities (while not as huge as expected) for people eager to get their hands on the iPad Mini. [...]

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News Media Embraces Caspio Campaign Contribution Database

Last month we released a new ready-to-publish database chronicling individual contributions to President Obama and candidate Romney's presidential campaigns.  The database includes the contributor's name, city, ZIP code, and contribution amount.  The information was gathered from the  Federal Election Commission and, like all Caspio apps, can be easily embedded into any web site or blog. [...]

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Free App: Knowledge Base

The latest app in our gallery is the Knowledge Base. It helps you keep your organization's important information in one centralized place. Its key features are: Unlimited users Unlimited articles, documents and images User level permissions Highly customizable The Knowledge Base is a specialized database app that allows articles, documents and images to be collected, [...]

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Caspio on the Move

We are excited to share that Caspio moved to a new office location last week. Our new offices are in Santa Clara, California, and are much bigger to accommodate our growth. There was no impact to Caspio’s infrastructure or the uptime of your apps and data. The new offices are a big hit with the Caspio [...]

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Free App: Feedback System for Your Websites and Blogs

We have just released a feedback system that can be loaded into any Caspio customer account for free. Visit the App Gallery to learn more and request it for your account. Learning what your customers think about your company, website, product or service is invaluable and helps you make decisions with confidence. Many of your customers [...]

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New Pricing: Unlimited Resources for Unlimited Creativity

Caspio usage-based pricing turns PaaS pricing on its head. Everything is unlimited. Usage is only measured by the amount of data transfer.

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Startup Distributor Targets Global Film and Music Markets with Custom Product Catalog

With 15 years' sales experience in the film and music distribution industry, Chris Callahan had observed that a high number of independent film and record labels lacked any international distribution despite an apparent market. In 2012, he decided to seize the opportunity and start his own company to bridge this gap. Planetworks Enterprises, a global [...]

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Caspio Roadmap: Infrastructure Migration

You may already be aware that we are migrating our infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is an exciting development that makes our IT team very happy. It gives us a lot more flexibility in serving you better. Back in 2009, we established Caspio's production environment at Savvis, a tier 1 datacenter facility in [...]

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Announcing the New and Improved Map Mashup – Version 7

We have just released Caspio Map Mashup version 7. The new mashup is a step-by-step wizard that generates ready-to-deploy code. Many of the frequently requested features are included and can make your maps a lot more interesting and feature-rich. Background If you have never used a Caspio Map Mashup before, you may be interested to [...]

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Announcing Caspio Ideabox for Your Feature Requests

Last week we launched Ideabox.caspio.com. This site is a feedback management tool entirely devoted to your enhancement ideas for Caspio Bridge. One of the great features of this site is that you can vote on ideas that are already submitted. Your votes and comments help us understand the popularity of any particular idea, so we [...]

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Homazooma’s Suite of Real Estate Apps Offer Home Buyers a Unique Advantage

Tracy Thomas and Donat Plenter, Co-CEOs of DataAbacus, Inc., had a great idea for a unique web-based service— a free resource center where home buyers explore real estate and financing opportunities in an anonymous, safe and commitment-free environment. With over 40 years of combined experience in residential real estate and finance, Thomas and Plenter had [...]

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Intern Creates ‘Best of California’ Award-Winning Cloud Apps

Today, the City of Thousand Oaks won the 2012 “Best of California” Award for their cloud database applications created by a volunteer intern. University of Southern California graduate student intern Justin Baker developed California’s first fully automated city-wide Green Business Certification Program, and the City was awarded in the Green IT category at the Government [...]

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How to Create a Database from Excel (Part 1: Import Spreadsheet)

No matter what type of business you are in, chances are that you email Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for one reason or another. Why do so many people send Excel files around, only to build email clutter and versioning chaos for everyone involved? For many, it boils down to good old fashioned ROI. Perhaps you previously attempted [...]

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How to Create a Database from Excel (Part 2: Build Web Application)

In the previous video series (How to Create a Database from Excel (Part 1: Import Spreadsheet), we showed you how to import Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into Caspio to create a web database. We imported sales numbers as a typical scenario, but keep in mind that virtually any type of database or report can be brought [...]

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