Farewell, Lotus123 … Here’s a Cloud Database Alternative

Lotus123 was perhaps the original “killer app” for PCs. When the spreadsheet software was released in 1983, it swept across all IBM PCs and made the brand a household name. Users liked Lotus123 mainly [...]

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Media Customer Showcase: Mugshot Databases

One of the pillar Caspio apps we often recommend to our media customers is the mugshot database. Once deployed, this app often serves as a long-term asset that engages website visitors and each viewer [...]

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5 Ways to Monetize Structured Data Using Caspio

You may have heard that on the web, content is king. Savvy content producers are utilizing well-developed tools and platforms to monetize their content. Bloggers publish ad-supported content using WordPress or Google AdSense; podcasters [...]

Turn Data Silos into Business Productivity

Companies often see data silos sprouting up across various departments … a sales prospecting list here, an inventory database there, and spreadsheets upon spreadsheets everywhere. When a project involves several databases — as it [...]

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2014 Cloud Computing Predictions

Over the past year, we’ve seen enterprises and SMBs alike implement cloud solutions in their daily operations. It’s safe to say that cloud computing has persisted through the hype and woven its way into [...]

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Best Blogs from 2013: Cloud and PaaS Trends

2013 certainly was an interesting year in cloud computing. The maturation of cloud technology combined with ever-changing business dynamics prompted more companies to explore ways to reimagine and expand their business through the cloud.

Dedicated [...]

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Transform Shadow IT into Innovation Using Caspio

A new survey by Stratecast found that more than 80% of employees admit to using SaaS applications not authorized for work purposes by their IT department. The number one reason? Employees just need to [...]

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