5 Reasons Developers Love Working with Caspio

The advent of rapid application development and cloud-based technology has made the lives of application developers a lot easier. Cloud platforms have liberated developers from infrastructure configuration, environment testing and maintenance so they can [...]

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    WebEx WebOffice Alternative – Migrate to a Modern Cloud Database

WebEx WebOffice Alternative – Migrate to a Modern Cloud Database

It turned out that Cisco’s $3.2 billion acquisition of WebEx in 2007 included many products that Cisco didn’t care much about. The company recently announced the WebOffice End-of-Life along with other WebEx-related software, stating [...]

Showcase: SXSW Party Finder App with Responsive Design

It’s party time! As this year’s South by Southwest festival unfolds with much controversy and chaos, crowds of people have flooded the streets of Austin, Texas to experience this epic event known for its [...]

Advance Your Career by Learning the Hottest Tech Skills

If you have promised yourself to brush up on some professional skills this year, take note that two full months have already slipped away. No matter what you have on your to-do list, tech [...]

How to Create One-to-Many Relationships in Caspio Apps

For many database applications, you’ll find yourself in need of one-to-many relationships. For example, when displaying a customer’s record in a CRM, you may want to show the customer’s activity logs below the main [...]

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Minimizing Technology Conflicts between CEOs and CIOs

Technology is transforming virtually every sector of business, regardless of company size, industry or geography. As CEOs begin to realize the strategic impact that IT has on the entire business, their expectations from CIOs [...]

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Farewell, Lotus123 … Here’s a Cloud Database Alternative

Lotus123 was perhaps the original “killer app” for PCs. When the spreadsheet software was released in 1983, it swept across all IBM PCs and made the brand a household name. Users liked Lotus123 mainly [...]

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