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Hands-On Training: Database Journalism at IRE 2014 in San Francisco

Hosted by Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. (IRE), the annual IRE conference is one of the most-respected events in the industry where journalists come from around the nation to learn the latest investigative reporting techniques and best practices. Caspio is partnering with IRE again this year, offering a full day of free classes packed with [...]

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See Your App Idea Brought to Life in 1 Hour

Have an idea for a web application but don’t know where to start? Look no further than Caspio’s full-implementation training sessions. Every Friday, our training instructors take a different app idea based on your suggestions and build the entire application from scratch in under an hour. The Friday sessions are very popular among Caspio users [...]

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Caspio Helps IT Transform App Development at iTech 2014

iTech, the leading IT infrastructure and cloud services conference in Canada, kicked off its 12th annual event last week with two conferences in Ottawa and Toronto. Each year, the conference attracts industry thought leaders and product experts from cutting-edge tech companies to share the latest trends and help attendees coming from all over Canada to [...]

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Become an App Building Expert in 1 Week with Free Training

People say that all roads lead to Rome, but knowing the most direct route will get you to your destination faster. To facilitate users along their Caspio journey, we are pleased to offer free live training led by Caspio product experts who demonstrate the ins-and-outs of the platform. Monday – Thursday: Lay a Solid Foundation [...]

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Why You Should Replace Your Costly Business Software with Cloud Applications

According to recent research from Gartner, enterprise business software will lead global IT expenditures in 2014 with an estimated $320 billion spent in just one year. The fact that companies are willing to spend so heavily on business software is largely driven by the belief that their future success depends on it. In other words, [...]

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The Fastest Way to Publish Microsoft Access Online

Being a traditional desktop program, Microsoft Access has been mostly used for small-scale internal database projects. Its deployment limitations for the web have made the software nearly obsolete in the modern business world. Thus publishing Access database to the web has become a common request among businesses that require easy access to information from any device. [...]

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5 Reasons Developers Love Working with Caspio

The advent of rapid application development and cloud-based technology has made the lives of application developers a lot easier. Cloud platforms have liberated developers from infrastructure configuration, environment testing and maintenance so they can focus on perfecting their applications. There are a number of cloud-based tools available to help developers expedite app development, but for [...]

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WebEx WebOffice Alternative – Migrate to a Modern Cloud Database

It turned out that Cisco’s $3.2 billion acquisition of WebEx in 2007 included many products that Cisco didn’t care much about. The company recently announced the WebOffice End-of-Life along with other WebEx-related software, stating that all WebOffice services and support will be discontinued as of November 30, 2014. Perhaps it shouldn’t be too much of [...]

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Showcase: SXSW Party Finder App with Responsive Design

It's party time! As this year's South by Southwest festival unfolds with much controversy and chaos, crowds of people have flooded the streets of Austin, Texas to experience this epic event known for its eclectic mix of technology, music and movies. Not only does Caspio send several of our own staff to SXSW, one of [...]

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Advance Your Career by Learning the Hottest Tech Skills

If you have promised yourself to brush up on some professional skills this year, take note that two full months have already slipped away. No matter what you have on your to-do list, tech skills are usually a good starting point since technology is inundating nearly every aspect of our life and work. The next [...]

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How to Create One-to-Many Relationships in Caspio Apps

For many database applications, you'll find yourself in need of one-to-many relationships. For example, when displaying a customer's record in a CRM, you may want to show the customer's activity logs below the main information. In this case, the logs are considered child records of the parent customer record, and each customer can have any [...]

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Minimizing Technology Conflicts between CEOs and CIOs

Technology is transforming virtually every sector of business, regardless of company size, industry or geography. As CEOs begin to realize the strategic impact that IT has on the entire business, their expectations from CIOs are increasing dramatically. Research by the Harvard Business Review found that, more than ever before, CEOs and CIOs are at odds [...]

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Farewell, Lotus123 … Here’s a Cloud Database Alternative

Lotus123 was perhaps the original “killer app” for PCs. When the spreadsheet software was released in 1983, it swept across all IBM PCs and made the brand a household name. Users liked Lotus123 mainly for its spreadsheet functionalities, simple charting, and rudimentary database operations. However, as technology evolved, Lotus wasn’t able to keep up with [...]

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Media Customer Showcase: Mugshot Databases

One of the pillar Caspio apps we often recommend to our media customers is the mugshot database. Once deployed, this app often serves as a long-term asset that engages website visitors and each viewer usually generates many page views per visit. Many of our media customers have already created their own mugshot database using Caspio [...]

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5 Ways to Monetize Structured Data Using Caspio

You may have heard that on the web, content is king. Savvy content producers are utilizing well-developed tools and platforms to monetize their content. Bloggers publish ad-supported content using WordPress or Google AdSense; podcasters leverage iTunes to increase subscribers; and photographers and designers can post their work on a number of digital marketplaces. One type [...]

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Turn Data Silos into Business Productivity

Companies often see data silos sprouting up across various departments … a sales prospecting list here, an inventory database there, and spreadsheets upon spreadsheets everywhere. When a project involves several databases — as it often does — you usually have to wade through several data sources to get the information you need. Data silos occur [...]

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2014 Cloud Computing Predictions

Over the past year, we’ve seen enterprises and SMBs alike implement cloud solutions in their daily operations. It’s safe to say that cloud computing has persisted through the hype and woven its way into the very fabric of modern business. In 2014, cloud computing is poised for even more growth as an increasing number of [...]

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Best Blogs from 2013: Cloud and PaaS Trends

2013 certainly was an interesting year in cloud computing. The maturation of cloud technology combined with ever-changing business dynamics prompted more companies to explore ways to reimagine and expand their business through the cloud. Dedicated to covering the latest trends in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and its impact on business, we discussed many interesting topics over the [...]

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Transform Shadow IT into Innovation Using Caspio

A new survey by Stratecast found that more than 80% of employees admit to using SaaS applications not authorized for work purposes by their IT department. The number one reason? Employees just need to get their jobs done. In the enterprise, IT departments commonly refer to any non-approved IT activity as "shadow IT". According to [...]

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Turn AWS into a Cloud Playground for Business Users

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is unarguably the biggest player in the cloud computing arena today. Ever since AWS debuted in 2006 with its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings EC2 (for virtual machine management) and S3 (for cloud storage), the way organizations procure infrastructure and develop applications has been profoundly transformed. Before AWS, organizations had to undertake the [...]

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WIVB Launches Restaurant Inspections Database Powered by Caspio

WIVB News4, the local news leader in Buffalo, New York, is bringing health code offenders into the public eye for the first time with the help of Caspio. Yesterday WIVB published a restaurant inspections database for Erie County (the largest county in the Buffalo area) along with seven other adjacent counties in Western New York. [...]

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Caspio Bridge 8.0 Release Update

To ensure that all of our customers experience a smooth transition to the new Caspio 8.0 platform, we are sharing some details regarding the rollout plan. Throughout the release process, we will be updating this blog page and our Service Status Twitter feed. Schedule Details Wednesday, Nov 6 Version 8.0 was released to Site 5 as [...]

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The Business Productivity Tool Every CIO Must Consider

Productivity is crucial to the health and success of any organization, which is why smart executives relentlessly strive to improve processes and the productivity of their employees. Productivity drives growth, and growth is always on top of every company’s agenda. Technology can make a huge difference when it comes to improving productivity and delivering results. [...]

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Caspio Customers Have Halloween Fun with Apps

Fright nights, haunted houses, pumpkin patches… It’s Halloween time! Check out some of the fun Halloween applications our customers have created with the help of Caspio. WKYC TV published Haunted House Map on their website: El Paso Times is encouraging readers to submit their Halloween photos: York Daily Record viewers can enter a contest by sharing [...]

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The Beginners’ Guide to Creating a Caspio Web Application

If you are new to the Caspio platform and databases in general, you might find creating your first web application a bit intimidating. To give you a jumpstart, we’ve crafted a list of steps — Envision, Plan, and Build — that will help you turn your ideas into reality fast and easily. We’ll be looking [...]

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Is Custom Application Development Dead?

Custom-developed applications have been conventionally associated with high costs, slow time-to-market, and ROI challenges that don’t hold up to “shrink-wrapped” packaged solutions. So, is custom application development really dead? This is one of the misconceptions Forrester dispels in a recent report, Ten Myths And Realities Of The Software Market In 2013. According to Forrester, the [...]

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Caspio Lands Among the Fastest Growing Companies in Silicon Valley

We are excited to announce that Caspio was recognized on the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 2013 list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Silicon Valley. The award recognizes companies based on their rate of revenue growth for fiscal years 2010 to 2012. We owe this honor to our loyal customers. Without their continued business and [...]

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5 Ways SMBs Can Compete Better Using Cloud Database Technology

Studies show that small and medium-sized businesses are one of the most important market segments for the cloud computing industry. However, the technology and service needs of SMBs are largely under-served due to the “one-size-fits-all” approach taken by most cloud vendors. These generic solutions aren’t suited to the dynamic nature, relatively smaller scale, and limited financial [...]

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A Web-Based Alternative to FileMaker

Typically perceived as the “Microsoft Access alternative for Mac”, FileMaker has found itself a place on many Mac desktops for simple data management tasks. However, just like Microsoft Access, FileMaker has failed to keep up with the pace of web applications and cloud computing. Simply put, the software has fallen behind the evolving needs of [...]

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Achieve Self-Service Business Intelligence with a DIY Cloud Platform

As data gets bigger and smart businesses look for new ways to exploit it, the demand for sophisticated database tools is rapidly increasing. Business Intelligence (BI) is a category of software that helps users extract insightful information from raw data. The BI industry has seen so much growth that Forrester ranked it as the No.1 [...]

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A Non-Technical Entrepreneur’s Guide to Launching a Web Startup

There’s few things more desperately frustrating to an entrepreneur than having the vision, the drive and the business savvy to launch a web startup, only to have the whole process come to a screeching halt due to lack of technical skills.  This is probably one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of many [...]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Custom-Build Your CRM System

According to an article by ReadWrite, the CRM market share is projected to increase to $37 billion by 2017 (making it the largest enterprise software market), but paradoxically, the actual install base across the globe is only at 1%. This begs the question: How can such a large market be so under-penetrated? Many software vendors such [...]

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Moving Microsoft Access Applications to the Cloud

Microsoft Access was a leader in the desktop database space before the Internet became omnipresent. The software was fairly easy to use and had enough features and capabilities to build small-scale desktop applications. However, as the web grew increasingly dominant and the use of web-based and mobile applications steadily rose, Microsoft Access didn’t keep up [...]

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Efficient and Effective Application Development

A recent article by McKinsey & Company discusses a more effective way to measure the success of application development in large organizations. The article suggests that instead of the traditional method of measuring developer productivity by hours spent on the project, it's best to measure output by use case points, or the amount of functionality [...]

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Five Best Practices for Lead Generating Websites

Lead generation is the fuel of the sales funnel — and the techniques you use to connect website leads to your organization can make all the difference between hitting or missing your revenue goals. Using Caspio’s cloud platform, marketing professionals can easily create and customize web forms, email programs and database applications to maximize lead [...]

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Dynamic Forms and Databases for Amazon S3 and Static Websites

Besides cloud storage, one of the features of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is highly reliable and inexpensive hosting services for static websites. While Amazon S3 is a fast and efficient way to deliver static content – HTML, XML, images and multimedia – one major disadvantage is that it doesn't support dynamic content or [...]

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How to Embed Web Forms in WordPress

Caspio enables you to create many types of web forms with tremendous flexibility. A unique feature of Caspio-powered forms is that they can be embedded into any website platform, be it a CMS, blog, portal, or static website, and regardless of where or how it's hosted. Powering more than 60 million websites around the globe, [...]

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5 Reasons to Insource Custom Application Development using PaaS

If your company can do all its business just using off-the-shelf software, you are part of a rare minority. Most organizations find themselves in need of custom applications tailored to their business processes, daily operations and industry focus. Typically two approaches are considered to solve this problem -- build the custom application in-house or outsource [...]

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Go Cloud, Go Green

The surge of cloud computing is propelling the rapid growth of data center utilization and public cloud platforms. With more and more data being migrated to cloud environments, companies are seeing significant energy savings in their operational expenses. According to a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, the majority of U.S. small-to-medium sized businesses with [...]

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Introducing the New Caspio Community Forum

We are excited to announce a new and enhanced Caspio Community Forum. While our previous forum served us well for many years, it was time to give it a face-lift and add some additional capabilities to better facilitate communication. The new platform offers faster and more relevant search results, a mobile-responsive design, a more user-friendly presentation [...]

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Caspio Web Applications Outperform PaaS Competitors

Study after study shows that fast performing websites are good for business. Users don’t have the patience to wait. Attention spans are short and users simply move on. Google also has little tolerance for slow page loads and penalizes slow sites with lower search engine rankings, resulting in less traffic. In addition to web content [...]

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Forrester: Choosing the Right PaaS Depends on Your Developer Skills

Forrester estimates that the worldwide market for cloud computing will hit $241 billion in 2020. Among the slew of cloud platforms, the three most widely utilized types are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). As offerings from cloud platforms broaden, the line between PaaS and IaaS is blurring, making it even more difficult for [...]

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Caspio 8.0 Sneak Peek: Usability Enhancements to Existing Features

Update on 10/31/13: The Caspio 8.0 Beta is now closed. Read the latest updates about the release. Caspio was born 13 years ago with a simple vision – to change the way apps are built. With our DIY cloud database platform, app building is no longer about complex coding, costly maintenance or endless updates. Instead, it's about focusing [...]

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The Other Side of ‘The Internet of Things’ – Smart Database Apps

Thirty years into the Internet revolution, there are now more than a half-a-billion Internet-connected devices in the U.S. alone, according to data from the NPD Group. While computers, tablets and smartphones comprise the bulk of these devices, new technologies in TVs, refrigerators, thermostats, vehicles, and almost anything with a sensor are also communicating as uniquely-identifiable [...]

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Embrace BYOA with Caspio and Delight Your IT Department

There’s a new trend on the rise at companies around the world — Bring Your Own Application, or BYOA. As a natural extension of the ongoing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon, today’s employees are seeking out and bringing their own applications to better meet work needs. This BYOA shift in business culture, however, can [...]

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Time for an Efficiency Boost: Optimizing Your Web Apps for Mobile Devices

IDC predicts that there will be 30 billion mobile devices connected to the Internet by 2020. Meanwhile, more and more users are tapping their tablets and smart phones to access data and applications instead of desktops. The trend towards mobile business applications creates huge potential for greater productivity and better collaboration. That’s why we believe [...]

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Caspio Offers Online Database Training for Investigative Reporters at IRE 2013

In conjunction with the Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE), Caspio will offer free training sessions at the 2013 IRE annual conference on June 20 in San Antonio, Texas. Several training classes will be presented at the event for attendees to gain hands-on experience about rapid data publishing and the new Caspio map mashup wizard. Plus, [...]

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Need Structured Data in Your CMS? Embed Caspio’s Cloud Database

The vast majority of websites run on some sort of content management system (CMS). CMS tools manage the production and publishing of unstructured data such as content pages, documents and media on websites. There are literally hundreds of CMS tools that cover the entire gamut; from free to enterprise-grade, from in-house to cloud-based. There are [...]

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FidoLove.com Finds Pets Loving Homes with the Help of Caspio

In 2012, Reese Mercer set out to help a community that is sometimes unable to fend for itself: pets facing homelessness. A growing problem, many families – through no fault of their own – are forced to give up the dogs and other pets they love. Major life events among the humans in a family [...]

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Caspio at the Roof of Africa

Our CEO Frank Zamani took Caspio with him (as you can see in the photo below) as he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa last month. The team of four friends reached the Uhuru Peak at 19,340 feet (5895 m) on January 27, 2013. Caspio CEO Frank Zamani atop the Uhuru Peak on Mt. [...]

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