Transform Shadow IT into Innovation Using Caspio

A new survey by Stratecast found that more than 80% of employees admit to using SaaS applications not authorized for work purposes by their IT department. The number one reason? Employees just need to [...]

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Turn AWS into a Cloud Playground for Business Users

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is unarguably the biggest player in the cloud computing arena today. Ever since AWS debuted in 2006 with its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings EC2 (for virtual machine management) and S3 (for [...]

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    WIVB Launches Restaurant Inspections Database Powered by Caspio

WIVB Launches Restaurant Inspections Database Powered by Caspio

WIVB News4, the local news leader in Buffalo, New York, is bringing health code offenders into the public eye for the first time with the help of Caspio.
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Caspio Bridge 8.0 Release Update

To ensure that all of our customers experience a smooth transition to the new Caspio 8.0 platform, we are sharing some details regarding the rollout plan. Throughout the release process, we will be updating this […]
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The Business Productivity Tool Every CIO Must Consider

Productivity is crucial to the health and success of any organization, which is why smart executives relentlessly strive to improve processes and the productivity of their employees.
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Caspio Customers Have Halloween Fun with Apps

Fright nights, haunted houses, pumpkin patches… It’s Halloween time! Check out some of the fun Halloween applications our customers have created with the help of Caspio.

The Beginners’ Guide to Creating a Caspio Web Application

If you are new to the Caspio platform and databases in general, you might find creating your first web application a bit intimidating. To give you a jumpstart, we’ve crafted a list of steps [...]

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