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Free App: Online Event Calendar for Any Website

We have just released a new addition to our app gallery, the Online Event Calendar. This application template offers a quick-and-easy way to publish event information as a monthly calendar on your website to inform and engage your users. The app template can be embedded on any website, intranet, blog, or Facebook page. Once deployed, [...]

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Roadmap: Account Subdomains and the Bigger Picture

At Caspio, one particular area of focus on our product roadmap is to make complex applications easier to create and deploy. Achieving this vision requires significant overhaul in three major areas: User Management DataPage Creation Deployment Models In this article, we would like to share some upcoming plans regarding the last item: Deployment Models. Ultimately, [...]

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Tech Tip: Automatically Import Data to Keep Your Caspio Applications Up-to-Date

For many Caspio users, importing and exporting data is a recurring task. You may not be aware that Caspio offers a number of features – some of them released within the last few months – to help you to streamline the entire import/export process. In this blog, we would like to focus on two specific [...]

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Predicting Cloud Computing in 2015

As more enterprises restructure their IT models to adapt to the latest cloud computing technologies — and given the number of new cloud vendors entering the market every year — it’s important to take a look at the major cloud computing predictions and trends for each new year. To help you evaluate your own cloud strategy for 2015, we’ve compiled [...]

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Best Blogs from 2014: Improve Business Productivity with Cloud

2014 was certainly a transformative year for the cloud computing industry. Adoption of cloud related services has become almost ubiquitous among enterprises. And more importantly, the mindset on cloud computing from C-suite has shifted away from mere cost reductions to a more strategic position, propelling business professionals to rethink the way they leverage the cloud [...]

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Power Up Your Skills with Caspio’s Rapid App Development Platform

A lack of technical know-how can be a major roadblock for business professionals just looking to get their job done. However, learning complex programming, databases, and cloud technology isn’t always a feasible or realistic solution. On the other hand, becoming a Caspio power user can pay off by an order of magnitude. It’s much easier [...]

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Video: How One Entrepreneur Launched a Successful Online Business in 7 Weeks Without IT

Have you ever considered starting your own business … but quickly got discouraged by the thought of building everything from scratch? Here’s a little inspiration that may help revive your entrepreneurial spirit. Brad Blaicher had a unique business idea to start a commercial construction lead generation company focused strictly on the state of Arizona. Working [...]

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Publish Now: New Crime and Salary Data Sets

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of five new ready-to-publish public data sets. These searchable databases are a great way for the media and bloggers to engage their audience by sharing local crime and salary data. The source data was retrieved from the latest government data releases and we prepared an interactive web [...]

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Making the Business Case for a Codeless Cloud Platform

No one understands the importance of being agile and responsive better than the business users on the front lines of daily operations. Having a tool like Caspio enables non-technical business users to create custom applications without coding so they can catch opportunities and tackle problems as they emerge. However, getting internal buy-in for new technology [...]

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Take Advantage of Best-of-Breed Cloud Technologies Using Platform-as-a-Service

When it comes to selecting technologies for Caspio’s Platform-as-a-Service, our focus has been on finding superior solutions that deliver the highest quality experience, reliability, and scale for our users. We’re continuously looking for innovative and secure solutions that give us the flexibility to keep growing and extending the platform to new levels; and without a [...]

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6 Reasons Why Business Leaders Love Caspio’s Professional Services

Let’s face it: custom applications are a competitive advantage in business. Done well, they encapsulate and enforce business processes unique to a company in ways that off-the-shelf applications can’t. With a platform such as Caspio and the easy and cost effective availability of professional services, more business leaders turn to us for complete solutions. Here [...]

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Tech Tip: How to Create Responsive Web Apps Using Caspio

Responsive design is one of the most popular web design techniques to address the growing number of tablet and mobile devices accessing the web today. It aims to create pages that automatically adapt to various devices with different screen sizes and browsers. Making your pages responsive not only provides an optimal viewing experience, it also [...]

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How to Use App Parameters to Simplify Your Caspio Apps

Parameters are one of the most powerful features in Caspio Bridge. When used properly, parameters help you create smart and efficient applications while providing a customized user experience for your end users. One particularly useful type of Caspio parameter is App Parameters. They make it easy to manage static information that is used repeatedly in an [...]

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Free App: Online Directory Template for Any Website

Among Caspio’s free ready-made applications, the Business Directory is one of the most frequently requested app templates. It allows users to get a business directory application up-and-running on their website in no time. Once deployed, business owners can register and submit new listings, public users can search for businesses by various criteria, and administrators can manage [...]

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5 Things Nonprofits Need to Know about App Development in the Cloud

Technology plays a major role for nonprofit organizations looking to cost-efficiently reach larger audiences, garner more support, and ultimately fulfill their mission. However, nonprofits are notoriously budget-strapped and under-resourced, often lacking the necessary technical skills to take full advantage of the latest web, mobile and cloud technologies. Caspio’s rapid application development platform empowers nonprofits by [...]

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Solar Energy Nonprofit Saves $100K and Receives National Recognition Using Cloud Database Applications

What does $100K mean to a nonprofit? For organizations that are always struggling for each dollar in donations or spending countless hours applying for grants, $100K feels like a miracle. Today we’d like to share a customer success story of how a nonprofit was able to save so much money on a single project using [...]

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The Power of Collaboration in Rapid Application Development

The importance of teamwork and collaboration goes without saying. Effective team collaboration generally delivers high-quality work, boosts morale, and fosters innovation. McKinsey & Company found that a team-based approach to project completion significantly helped software companies become more agile, responsive, and competitive in the last decade. But this approach doesn't need to be limited to engineers [...]

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Announcing Caspio Bridge 8.4

We are excited to announce the release of Caspio Bridge 8.4 for all new and existing customers. In this version, you’ll find some new features frequently requested by our user community. The new capabilities are available immediately in all Caspio plans. Read the release notes for details. Feature Highlights: HTML Editor in DataPage Wizard One of the [...]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Turn Excel into Web Apps Now

Microsoft Excel is EVERYWHERE in the business world. From data storage to data analysis, project planning to metrics reporting, Excel’s usage has expanded beyond spreadsheets to include functionality that is usually better fulfilled by web applications. But people’s love for Excel is understandable – it’s an extremely versatile software program to consolidate and analyze information [...]

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Gartner: Traditional IT Models will be Obsolete by 2017

In the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 published this month by Gartner, one concept that made the list for the first time is “web-scale IT”. According to Gartner, web-scale IT will be an architectural approach operating in 50% of global enterprises by 2017, up from less than 10 percent in 2013. Gartner’s definition of [...]

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Create a Database-Driven Website Without Programming

A typical challenge facing many website managers is the increasing amount of data piling up every day: contact information, inquiries, customers, partners, and the list goes on. Programs like Excel can easily store such information, but it quickly becomes unmanageable and impossible to keep up with. Implementing a database-driven website not only enables you to manage your data [...]

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Video: How to Password-Protect Your Website Applications in Minutes

Password protection is a key requirement for most websites where you want to restrict access to specific pages or information. However, creating a password protection system traditionally requires some hardcore programming or a separate web portal, which in turn increases the complexity and cost of maintaining the website. Alternatively, Caspio provides an all-in-one cloud database [...]

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Free App Template: Online Classified Ads System for Any Website

Online classified ad sites such as Craigslist are popular marketplaces for pretty much any type of item, service or job you can think of. But as a result, these sites are often overcrowded with irrelevant, low-quality or unprofessional postings. If you have a website that is focused on a particular geography, market or community, you [...]

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Caspio Roadmap: Grid Editing, Bulk Actions, and More

User feedback has always been an important part of Caspio’s product roadmap planning. As we plan for the upcoming releases, we’d like to share some important updates with our user community, as well as get your feedback. One major feature that is currently under development is “bulk actions” in Report DataPages, currently scheduled for release [...]

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3 Data Visualization Methods to Spice up Your Web Applications

It is often said that an image is worth a thousand words. This is especially true in today’s business environment where employees are swamped with data every day. Presenting information using data visualizations instead of static rows and columns is far more effective for quickly analyzing metrics, trends, and issues. As the leading cloud platform [...]

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Create Your Own Commercial SaaS Solution on Caspio

Most business software today is either entirely or partially offered as a cloud solution, known as Software-as-a-Service or SaaS. Cloud infrastructure players such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have made it easier than ever to operate cloud solutions, eliminating all upfront investments in acquiring hardware and software licenses and providing the ability to [...]

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Fostering Innovation with a Diverse Corporate Culture

As more Silicon Valley firms disclose the demographic information of their workforce, the importance of  diversity has once again come under the spotlight. The business case for diversity is actually very straightforward: tech companies often have a diverse customer base and having a diverse team that reflects such characteristics would undoubtedly help improve its product [...]

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Increase Efficiency with Versatile Web Forms

Forms are everywhere. From employment applications and surveys to lead generation and customer feedback management, forms play an essential role in every business. As technology has improved, the ability to create web forms has drastically increased the efficiency and reduced the use of paper and other office supplies within organizations. However, there is still a [...]

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Applying Scientific Methods to Business with Caspio

Caspio's code-less application development platform has shown time and again, at organizations of all sizes, to drastically cut the cost and complexity of custom application development and provide unimagined rapidity to bringing ideas to market. These alone can have a profound impact on any organization. However, one of the most transformative powers of Caspio comes [...]

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Caspio Makes Database Sharing Easy for Bay Area News Group

Utilized by more than 80% of the leading news websites in the United States, Caspio has become an indispensable tool for news organizations to create and publish database related projects. Journalists have been known to say, “No newsroom tinkering with data journalism is complete without Caspio.” Among the wide media customer base we are serving [...]

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3 Ever-Green Database Applications for Online Media to Generate Continuous Traffic

Traffic is king for all online media websites. Not only do news websites rely on traffic to generate ad revenue, it is also a critical indicator of the vitality and influence of any media organization. However, as the way people receive information changes and their attention span shortens, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract enough [...]

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Deploying DataPages and Applications on Multiple Websites

How many websites do you need to manage on a day-to-day basis? Nowadays, companies often have to juggle multiple websites such as public corporate sites, blogs, forums, customer portals, partner sites, mobile sites, and the list goes on. For content managers and web developers responsible for multiple sites, it can be beneficial to have the ability [...]

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Announcing Caspio Bridge 8.3

Another Caspio Bridge release is out and we are excited to share with you all the new capabilities available in this release. Note that some features are not available in older grandfathered plans. Details are below. Watch this video to see these new features in action and read the release notes for more details about [...]

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3 Ways to Use GUIDs in Your Database Applications

A GUID, or Globally Unique Identifier, is a unique reference number used as an identifier in databases and software development. A GUID is stored as 128-bit value and commonly displayed as 32 hexadecimal digits like this one: {25892e1780f6415f9c657395632f0223}. You may also see the term UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) used sometimes and the difference only lies [...]

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The Transformative Power of Caspio in the Enterprise

CIOs are the new revenue generators in the modern enterprise. As more corporations explore and accelerate the use of technology in operations, marketing and sales, the role of the CIO is broadening from a traditional back-office administrator to a critical gatekeeper for delivering more business value. This shift is acutely reflected in the growing demand that [...]

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Caspio Team Embraces Ice Bucket Challenge and Inspires Customer Participation

The Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness and funds for ALS has gone viral, and Caspio has not been immune to it ... It all started with a single challenge from a Caspio product manager and the rest is, well, history. Along the way, a few Caspio customers were also brought into the challenge. Overall, it's [...]

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What You Need to Know about Data Harvesting and How to Prevent it

The term data harvesting, or web scraping, has always been a concern for website operators and data publishers. Data harvesting is a process where a small script, also known as a malicious bot, is used to automatically extract large amount of data from websites and use it for other purposes. As a cheap and easy [...]

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Improve Resource Management with Caspio’s Upgraded Resource Scheduling App

Quick-and-easy access to shared resources like office equipment, meeting rooms, and IT assets is essential for a productive and efficient workforce. Using a ready-made solution like Caspio’s Resource Scheduling Application, companies can automate their resource management using a cloud-based application customized to their specific business processes.Based on user feedback, we have recently upgraded the Resource [...]

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Georgia College Streamlines Campus Parking and Transportation Using Custom Cloud Applications

College campuses everywhere rely on a vital function called “Auxiliary Services” to provide all the goods and services for a thriving quality of life on campus – from housing to transportation, dining to bookstores, and the list goes on. The Auxiliary Services department not only seeks to improve day-to-day campus life for students and faculty, [...]

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Create Your Own Event Management Application for Stress-Free Event Planning

With the fall 2014 event season just around the corner, the pressure is on for event planners and marketing professionals orchestrating a ton of tasks under tight deadlines. Having the right technology can make all the difference between hosting disorganized mayhem and a smooth, memorable experience. One of the biggest obstacles for event planners is [...]

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4 Ways to Achieve Open Government with Cloud Applications

The Open Government initiative was signed in 2009 with the aim to improve government transparency. One critical aspect of it is the concept of “open data”, which urges agencies to make data and information about government operations more readily available to the public. Analyst firm McKinsey & Company takes Open Government one step further, stating that [...]

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Real Estate Listings App: Now Upgraded with More Powerful Features

One of Caspio's most popular app templates is the Real Estate Listings application. It is widely used among real estate companies to publish property listings as well as manage incoming leads. Agents and brokers appreciate the ease-of-use, customization, and the fact that they can embed the app seamlessly on their own website. This app template [...]

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Is Cloud Computing the Cure for the Healthcare Industry?

Conventionally a risk-averse industry, healthcare has been understandably cautious adopting emerging technologies due to the sensitive nature of personal health data. Strict industry regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandate that all healthcare organizations – and their business associates – must follow specific privacy and security protocols when handling electronic protected [...]

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Introducing Caspio HIPAA Enterprise for HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Applications

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Caspio HIPAA Enterprise — a new HIPAA-compliant edition of the Caspio Bridge Platform-as-a-Service. Caspio HIPAA Enterprise offers specific technology and safeguards to enable healthcare organizations to comply with the industry’s stringent regulatory requirements and ensure proper storage and handling of protected health information (PHI). The new [...]

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Streamline Your HR Practices with Custom HR Cloud Applications

Keeping up with the HR demands in a growing workforce is never an easy job, especially if you are still relying on conventional methods to get things done — manual processes, tons of paperwork, and endless email requests. Not only do these outdated HR practices affect overall work efficiency, but more importantly, they distract HR professionals from more strategic [...]

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Why Cloud Database Technology is a Lifesaver for Nonprofits

As government aid shrinks and the demand for services continues to climb, more and more nonprofits are struggling just to make ends meet. This bleak reality forces many to reconsider the way they operate and look to technology as a means to do more with less. One lifesaving nonprofit technology in particular is cloud databases. From [...]

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Hit Sales Targets Using a Customized Online Contact Management System

In today’s competitive business environment, the importance of a good CRM goes without saying. Many companies invest heavily in sophisticated CRM software and spend a tremendous amount of time and energy on training, integration, deployment and maintenance -- only to realize later that pre-packaged software isn’t addressing their critical business needs and is too difficult [...]

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Just How Rapid is Caspio? Developers Wager a Guess at Velocity 2014

Recognized as one of the best web technology events in the United States, last week’s Velocity Conference lived up to our expectations. Hosted by O’Reilly Media in Santa Clara, CA, the two-day event was packed with intriguing discussions about all aspects of web technology, performance and operations. As an exhibitor at the show this year, [...]

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Experience Rapid App Development with Caspio at O’Reilly’s Velocity Conference

If the web plays a critical role in your organization's day-to-day operations and efficiency, Velocity is the web technology event you can't afford to miss. Hosted by O’Reilly Media, the annual Velocity conference brings together the brightest minds in web operations looking to build faster, stronger and more resilient web platforms and applications. As the leading [...]

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Hands-On Training: Database Journalism at IRE 2014 in San Francisco

Hosted by Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. (IRE), the annual IRE conference is one of the most-respected events in the industry where journalists come from around the nation to learn the latest investigative reporting techniques and best practices. Caspio is partnering with IRE again this year, offering a full day of free classes packed with [...]

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