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Caspio Transparency in Uptime and Performance

Last month, I had the privilege of meeting some of Caspio’s extraordinary customers in the New York and New Jersey area. Aside from seeing all the awesome things they do with Caspio, we wanted to hear first-hand how we can improve our products and services to better meet their specific needs. One take-away from these [...]

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The Right Way to Password Protect a Database

Preventing unauthorized people from accessing your data and applications is the number one requirement for apps and sensitive databases. By using Caspio, you have access to the most sophisticated and robust capabilities for web user authentication. This post will outline Caspio’s web user authentication capabilities and why they are unmatched. It does not discuss all [...]

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Four Application Implementation Pitfalls – and How to Avoid Them

Let's face it. The great idea that you have been thinking to implement with Caspio is not going to get done by itself. Someone has to build the app and deploy it to the web. So what's in between you and the finished work? Well, primarily time. But there are many other things that can stymie [...]

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Roadmap: Conditional Forms, New Interface, and the Future

As part of our Roadmap blog series, I’d like to share what is keeping our development team busy these days. Currently, we are working on two releases simultaneously. Small Feature Release A small release will be going live in October. This upgrade is primarily dedicated to conditional forms, a highly requested feature by our customers. [...]

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Roadmap: A New Pricing Model

Update on January 17, 2013: We released new pricing plans offering unlimited apps, storage, and more. Please let us know what you think about the pricing by leaving a comment below.   We are starting a new blog series to share what we are working on here at Caspio, tagged with Road Map so you can [...]

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Lean Business Through a Custom Apps Platform

If your company is not competing worldwide, you are working for a company that is increasingly an exception to the rule. Businesses today find themselves competing directly or indirectly with companies thousands of miles away that operate within entirely different environments, cost structures and laws. Yes, in theory your company can also sell its products [...]

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Announcing Caspio Certification and Developer Network

Establishing a developer certification program has been on Caspio's list for a while and it is with great excitement that we are announcing it early in 2012. The Caspio Developer Network is designed to offer credibility and exposure to all the developers and professionals who build Caspio-powered solutions. Getting Certified The process is free and straight-forward [...]

By | January 31st, 2012|Caspio News|2 Comments

Is Database Publishing in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Online marketing revolves around driving traffic to your website -- targeting relevant audiences in order to introduce your products and services, and get them to buy what you have to offer. Marketers drive traffic in many different ways, but one area that is gaining more and more attention is content marketing. This is due to [...]

By | October 18th, 2011|PaaS in Action|2 Comments

Caspio Donates $1 per Facebook “Like” for Kids in the Amazon

Caspio has partnered with the Mona Foundation to help support a school in the Amazon, Brazil. Our team has created a fund where contributions are matched by the company and 100% of the money will go directly to the school. Our goal is to send 50 children to school in 2012, so we are extending [...]

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Houston Community College Gets Creative in the Cloud

The Print and E-Media Division at Houston Community College (HCC) has the important responsibility of maintaining the college website and publishing information like class schedules. The previous PDF method was outdated and difficult to use, so they wanted to find a way for students and faculty to easily access class information online. With all the [...]

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Caspio Makes the Cut on Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing U.S. Companies

  In what has become a highly-anticipated tradition watching for the latest up-and-coming companies and  shifts in the economic landscape, Inc. Magazine has announced their annual list of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. We are pleased to announce that Caspio is included in the top 1000 list at #779. Being placed [...]

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Quickbase Downtime Troubles Troubling You? You’re Not Alone…

When it comes to choosing a cloud computing provider, it's no secret that reliability is one of the most important deciding factors. After all, even the most impressive web application doesn’t help you much if you can’t depend on it in the end. Intuit's recent service outages have caused quite a stir in the cloud [...]

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Community-Managed Calendar for Sustainable Business Oregon

Sustainable Business Oregon recently built a database-driven events calendar using Caspio's new Calendar DataPage, creating an online portal for the community to view and contribute local events pertaining to their topic of interest. It's a fantastic example of how the new feature can be used to not only organize and display data, but add interactivity [...]

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How to Build iPhone and iPad Web Apps with Caspio

We have released a new-and-improved Mobile Kit to help you create mobile-optimized web apps. Learn more. Yes, it's true that all your Caspio web apps already work on the iPhone, but it's great to offer mobile users an experience that is optimized for their device. This guide shows you how you can create iPhone web [...]

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Access 2010 Snubs Web Developers … Now What?

New software updates: Welcomed or scary? Every time an upgrade rolls out, users have to contemplate whether they should spend valuable time migrating projects and maneuvering around software bugs/compatibility issues to enjoy the new features, or stay behind the technology curve where they’re perfectly comfortable, thank you very much. The release of Microsoft Office 2010 [...]

By | May 26th, 2010|PaaS in Action|9 Comments

Dow Jones Local Media Group Adopts Caspio Enterprise for Hyper-Local Data Publishing

Operating community print and online media franchises in seven states, the Dow Jones Local Media Group (DJLMG) is constantly trying to find faster ways to deliver news while upholding its high standards of public service and editorial excellence. By adopting Caspio's enterprise platform for online media, DJLMG staff is now able to quickly build and [...]

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Caspio Receives Cloud Computing Business Value Award

This week Caspio was honored with the first-ever Cloud Computing Business Value Award from THINKstrategies, Inc. The CCBV Award Program was created to "recognize Cloud Computing companies who are delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions which produce measurable business benefits for their customers." THINKstrategies evaluated cloud companies based on client references demonstrating tangible business benefits in the [...]

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Caspio Team Contributes to Haiti Earthquake Victims

The magnitude of human suffering resulting from the Haiti earthquake is beyond what words can describe, and the stories and images of those affected have touched the hearts of everyone around the world. Last month, Caspio and its employees joined resources to make a donation to the American Red Cross. It may be a small [...]

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Texas Tribune Builds Data Library Apps Using Caspio

The recent launch of Texas Tribune’s Data Library is a great example of how media and government clients are utilizing Caspio Bridge to publish databases and share engaging web applications that increase website traffic and community interaction. Texas Tribune is a non-profit news organization located in Austin, Texas, devoted to state government and public policy. [...]

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How to Track User IP Addresses and Site URLs in Web Forms

Tracking where your data and users are coming from has many benefits and can be easily implemented using the AutoValues feature in Caspio Bridge 6.5. Why Track User IP Addresses? New in version 6.5, capturing user IP addresses in the database is useful for tracking multiple submissions, preventing malicious activities, and auditing data or users. Documenting [...]

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bizjournals Partners with Caspio to Build Web Apps for Local Business Sites

Selected as the "Best of the Web" by Forbes magazine, bizjournals operates business news sites with an impressive following of 9 million unique visitors per month. As with our other enterprise-level media clients, bizjournals is widely adopting Caspio’s cloud computing platform to build interactive web applications that will engage online readers, drilling down to the [...]

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Make Your Data Accessible to Search Engines with SEO Deployment

If you have data that has the potential to be monetized and you want to bring the largest possible audience to it, you may want to make it visible to major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. Caspio has developed a groundbreaking SEO deployment model that enables database-stored information to be published and [...]

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Cloud Projected to Grow 26% within 5 years

According to a recent article by Computer Business Review (CBR), the International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts a 26% growth in cloud computing services over the next five years. The report also mentions that the economic downturn and the consequent decrease in IT budgets have contributed to the increased interest in cloud computing, compared to last [...]

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Case Study: Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council successfully uses Caspio Bridge to quickly launch an extensive online application for managing grant funding.

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New Customer: United States Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service is onboard with Obama’s cloud computing initiative, recently signing an enterprise agreement with Caspio. USPS manages 34,000 retail locations and delivers to every address in the nation – but unlike other government agencies, it doesn’t rely on tax dollars to pay for operating expenses. Now it’s Caspio’s turn to deliver. Our [...]

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

While the Internet has given us unprecedented access to instant global information, it has also created significant competition for the print media industry. Newspapers have especially suffered in the current economic downturn. Fighting for survival, many papers have migrated to web-only editions. Transitioning to online publishing comes with its own set of challenges. Having access [...]

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Welcome to Caspio’s Blog!

Caspio is thrilled to launch our official company blog. We plan to share with you our thoughts, fresh ideas, best practices and other useful and interesting information that will help you get more out of cloud computing and Caspio's online database platform. In our entries we will cover:  online database/cloud computing industry topics and trends, tips and [...]

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